04 – Letter to a child.

I am writing this letter so that I share with you something that’s happening to me, which you are most certainly a part of. After this, a lot of things will change in our relationship. But no matter what, I will always call you my child. You see, I am the older one and you are the younger.

Let’s start from scratch. Strange things happen to me lately. The most important of them being that a big circle in my life has ended. I don’t recall exactly when it began. I think it was when I was 20 years old. Work, studies, family, children, dreams for an entire life. For me, all these are in the past, they belong to the completed circle of life. My job is over, studies no longer offer anything nor does the family. My children are by now independent human beings and I do not feel like a father to them anymore. They are my friends, my co-fighters, people who live their own first cycle of life. I do not put aside my love with this letter, I just cut the bonds that keep me tied with them in a circle that if I do not escape now, I will be led for sure to what I call “death.”

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