12 – The man with the cash, primary resident at the penthouse – you got my drift – cannot remember my name!

And there was evening, and there was morning, and yes, the good God had created everything according to his will, but I was still lost. Mainly because my personal problem was not my only concern, I also had you to think about because if you found out the truth, you would probably delete me as a “friend” and without friends on the internet, what is life worth?

I was drugged up by the well of despair, by a teacher who although I did not know personally, I consider my personal teacher, Dimitrios Semelas. In one of his scripts, he writes:

I remind you of two things that you ought not to forget: your majesty and your smallness! You are minimum because you can be annihilated, crashing into the sprouts of the same matter that was animated by the Magic of the Absolute. So, be humble. You are great because you can understand His thought and fulfill it. Be worthy, then.

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