07 – News flash: God and Nietzsche died. What did you expect?

God and Nietzsche died? Yeop, they are dead (très chic) The book of people (and especially of faces) is full of wisdom. Each one is stating his opinion. And they are all right. “God died,” signs Nietzsche. Someone posts Nietzsche’s profound quote, and by all means who am I to tell him the opposite? I […]

Whoever died, died! Some, speak of a second death? Where is that written and which smart-arse says so? What the frak have you tough us professor?

What I know is that whoever dies, is dead. I’m sure about it because the tax collectors stop searching for him. They know better. Anyway, I read something that made me wonder. I have come across various info in… my studies but today I decided to use two excerpts to comment that I will arbitrarily […]