Panos Sakelis, pen name of Panos Sakellariades, is a Greek writer of supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, fantasy and theatrical plays.

From a young age he was drown to literature, history and politics and spent most of his time studying metaphysics and philosophy. His early works consist of poems and theatrical documents while in the most resent years he is dedicated in the writing of fiction novels.

Early years

Panos Sakelis was born in March 1945 in Athens, Greece and grew up as the eldest of three children. At the age of ten, his family moved to Thessaloniki where he attended and graduated from Anatolia American College. Although as a teenager, he dreamed of becoming an actor after his family guidance (and persistance) he decided to follow a military career and attended the Hellenic Naval Academy where he graduated as an Engineer Officer.


He served as an officer in the Hellenic Navy for twenty five years, twelve of which where aboard various kind of war ships, including a submarine. In the early 90s he resigned from the navy and pursued a successful career as a manager in the newly established telecommunications company of Vodafone where he eventually retired after 20yrs. All these years he continued writing theatrical plays, novels and translating esoteric books.

For the last ten years he works as an author in Greece publishing his books worldwide, both in paperback and e-book format, mainly through Amazon, Orange Fox books, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc.

His Work

In his scripts, one can recognize the attempt of the writer to understand the motif with which not only the course of mankind unfolds, but also the underlying plan that for esotericist exists beneath everything.

In his first theatrical play, The Powerful State, he states his position, by claiming that statehood is the prevailing structural function of the social system. With his next theatrical work, The Necklace With the Red Carnations, he makes clear that nothing is as it seems, even at the most theoretical level. This theatrical work should probably be included in the Theatre of the Absurd.

His metaphysical concerns, however, are present and realized for the first time through the daily facts of life that latently support metaphysics. The metaphysics of everyday life is recorded in his first two novels, The Rehearsal in the Rain and The Show of the Spirits.

For some years the author chooses to remain in silence, returning then with his next novel, OMNIS – The 22 Steps of an Eternal Birth. Through his hero, the writer here describes the role of a God’s warrior who wants to help complete The Divine Plan at all costs. However, the “Don Quixote” of God can hardly change anything.

The author then focuses on the search for those who could provide a solution to the human existential problem. In his next book, The Conspirators of Chaos, he refers to this very possibility. However, the results of the actions taken by the selected groups of mankind are poor, and the difficulties seem insurmountable. The solution will come from the overall actions made by all of creation’s forces, but this can only be achieved in a distant time zone. The novel, The Brotherhood of the First Gate, refers to such a possibility.

Two other novels of a series under the general title The Cosmic Seagulls follow. The first, entitled Exodus, refers to a clean start for humanity. Again, however, something more is needed. In the second novel, Celestial Ithaca, a possible solution is given for the transformation of human consciousness and its ability to continue its evolutionary game. Some time later, a third novel arrives, The Fugitives of Logic, and is added to the series, describing the author’s view of what could be done to ensure the continuation of human life beyond the planet’s earthly boundaries.

The years go by and a new quest arises, which asks for a division in everyday life that does not recognize metaphysical concerns, but instead questions what is happening here and now. Two more novels come to claim this quest: Hello I’m Alive and Do Not Cry, I’m Here!

The cycle though will never close. The human author seeks out great souls to act as deus ex machinas and help him, and so another theatrical play is added to that need, Judas is present.

Nothing, however, changes if the man himself is not willing to take life into his hands and forge his own future.

Five more novels followed that would establish his writing in the background of magical realism.

His work so far is three plays, one philosophical essay, and fourteen novels. So far, four of his novels have been published in English.

Personal Life

He is married to Eri Giannakopoulou, and has two daughters from his first marriage, Mandy and Valia. He spents half of the year with his wife in Athens and the other half in their country house in Parnassus Mountain in central Greece.

His life motto is the quote by William Jennings Bryan:

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice!”


  • Director of the Shadows
  • OMNIS, an eternal birth
  • Cosmic Seagulls – EXODUS
  • Hello, I am alive!
  • Judas is present (Theatrical play)
  • Everyday’s Metaphysical 9Doctrine)

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