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Love without a cost? Love will save the day…. Really?

If it doesn’t cost THEM a bit, fine by me. But if they plan to send US the bill, God help them all! The truth, however, is that it is a very catchy quote. And I wouldn’t mind hearing it or having them apply it if there wasn’t a whole misinformation industry behind it. But first things first. The main concern is always the “after” because whatever any group claims – and these days those groups grow like mushrooms-, nothing actually happens in our reality. Even all these “philosophical” groups with what they present as their goal, they don’t refer to “now” and “here” except perhaps from a small part aiming to form a fairer social framework. And if they claim anything different, just look into it. What they talk about belongs to the realm of the unreal. Because “knowing yourself,” for which they all rend their garments, has another

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Are we regular people? I am not joking man, are we genuine Earth’s children?

You can not imagine the damage that some films currently on cinemas and TVscreens can do! Zombies, sub-humans, the man from Sirius – the planet Sirius not the country Syria- they all come and go to Gaia, commonly known as Earth, with spaceships and other spectacular means of transportation and so far,fortunately, all they to do is look for a place to park. And we, the natives of this small planet, enjoy every night the view of a space lighten with stars, whispering: OMG, what miracles you can create when you are in the right mood! And so with no reason and without no possibility of a logical support -let me honor at least here the title of the eccentric writer-, I will paint you another image. Friendly reminder: Everything I write is completely arbitraryand don’t have small print or secret messages between the lines. The good God, sometime in

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Trust me, transubstantiation is not a joy ride!

As usual, I am only writing down my thoughts, which of course you are not obligated to follow. By the way, I have never stated that my posts are flawless and right and that is why I consider them to be reflections of my ideas rather than opinions. I have written a lot about the path of Theosis. My conclusion is that man ultimately seeks the transubstantiation of his being, which in other words is his consciousness upgrade. This process is an attempt of the human mind to understand the excess of creation and to propose the path of change. How does this mental operation form? The human being, in the course of his creation, acquires all the necessary operations for his survival and growth. I remember from my school years an axiom of biology saying that ontogenesis follows phylogeny. In other words, the human embryo follows all the phases

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My young apprentices: What does the word “God” mean to you?

I insist. What does God mean to you?Do atheists exist? Let’s answer the second question first: Whoever states that is an atheist, without any obvious reason, he or she is plain stupid. At best he/she is barely illiterate. The most appropriate answer for a person who is seeking the truth is that he studied, he researched, he thought some more and then reached a dead-end. The sincere people declare they are Agnostics, the stupids, Atheists. Ask someone if he believes in God. If he answers without a second thought that he is an Atheist [we shall not include the ones that simply like to tease], then rank him as an idiot and go on. I copy from an encyclopedia: This term (Agnosticism), as well as the relative term agnostic, were established by Thomas Huxley in 1869. News flash: The ancient people who inhabited Greece worshiped as God the Unknown God.

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One soul to go please, with extra chocolate!

So many have already said so much – including me-, about the soul! It brings to mind this Greek game that children play where they put their palms against each other and sing: Where is the ring? Search, search, you will not find it! You will not find the ring you are searching for! Replace the word ring with soul, and you’ll see my point. So in order to conclude the soul issue – and have at least my readers understand my scripts – since everyone uses the term soul according to his will, let’s say a few more things. At some point, at the beginning of creation, there was only one power, one energy and nothing else. And then something happened, and this overwhelming power woke up. And a second potentiality appeared from that power, confronting itself through condensation of its own elements. What happened when those two elements

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You chose

The red or the blue pill? Does the pill come also in light green?

Shakespeare wonders: To live or not to live? Neo – or One or better yet Zero – ask an even harder question: Since the One in question will live anyway, what color pill does he prefer? The blue of joy and peace, or the red that comes up with a plug on the neck? For those who didn’t get it, the question about the color of the pill comes from the movie Matrix, which I think every human under the age of seventy with a cell phone and a computer has watched! Any way to get back on the truck, the dilemma is simple: The world we live in is fake. It is multidimensional and is inhabited by many creatures. In our ten dimensions, you can find people, angels, demons, etc. Do we want to see the truth or do we prefer to look at everything through colorful glasses? Please,

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