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If You Only Read A Few Books In 2018, Read These – by Rian Holiday

If You Only Read A Few Books In 2018, Read TheseIf you’d liked to be jerked around less, provoked less, and more productive and inwardly focused, where should you start?To me, the answer is obvious: by turning to wisdom. Below is a list of 21 books that will help lead you to a better, stronger 2018. Mr. Eternity by Aaron Thier / The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas These books really have nothing to do with the events of 2016 but they are long and entertaining and they will make you forget your problems for the next 12 months. I thought I’d read Monte Cristo as a kid, but clearly I didn’t. Because the actual book is a 1,200 page epic of some of the most brilliant, beautiful and complicated storytelling ever put to paper. What a book! When I typed out my notes (and quotes) after finishing this book, it ran some

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Life is violence-friendly… culture is not. You got to choose!

And as expected you rushed in to take sides. What does your reaction indicate? That you practiced violence – in the form of rushing-, and didn’t give your mind time to think and act. So simple, so clear. If life was based on not practicing violence, it would NOT EXIST. The well-known genetics motto Fight or Flight is the answer to all questions. Some generations back, our (Greek) grandparents, had this saying that “beating came out of paradise” and they meant it in a gentle way with more love than a lot of today’s grandparents. For them, the necessary practice of some form of violence was required to prepare us for the difficulties of life. We had to learn to survive. But let’s focus for a moment in the “survival”. These words, violence, and survival share a common root (not only in the ancient Greek language – via & vios

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The rear view of the back side? Isn’t that the front side?

The rear view of the back side? Isn’t that the front side? “Why, who says so?” “Well it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it’s a pseudo question!” It’s literally a false dilemma and I agree without hesitation. In our absolute world, there is a front and a rear view. It is self-evident -and I would add at the same time utterly reasonable- that the backs of all things can only have a single front face and this is what we see. But once we turn an object to look at its back, this new view automatically becomes our front view -since it is in front of us now- and the front face, has become the back side. The absurd is hidden in the concept of the word ‘front view.’ Our front view is not necessarily the front side of an object. For the objects, I do not think

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I had a dream… Do you have a spare dream meaning book?

I had it on Holy Week, but one of my social networking friends, was against the atheists that are provoking the good Christians these holly days and requested to let her enjoy them. Her request was absolutely correct. Even though, I am against them all the days of the year, and not for the reasons you imagine, but let’s keep that for another time. The dream I had was the following: A bunch of angels had taken on the role of a postman. A lovely morning -sounds good- one of them knocked on the door of a rosy cheecks gentleman who at that time was having his milk with his wife while eating fresh chocolate croissants. When this sweet man opened the door, the angel gave him an invitation. “What is it about?” the gentleman asked. “It’s an invitation to a conference,” the angel replied. “Will I be the lecturer?”

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My good-man how can I establish “us” if I do not win the “me”?

Let’s get it from the start, but this time I will try to keep it here and now. Clearly, we are all concerned with high metaphysical ideas, but maybe we should look things in the eyes? We should stop with the nonsense that leads us to dead ends. I have spoken with many of those who talk about “we” and “love thy neighbor,” and unfortunately while they are right, they keep a purely utopian approach to the subject. I will try to be more explicit. Let’s check it from a math point of view and focus on the idea of ​​the whole. The total is a collection of unique objects. The definition is not mine. If we now draw a circle, for example, and say that this is a group, it does not stand unless we define some things or ideas in it. For instance: If we put colored dots

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I AM what I AM! What else man?

One would expect all of these emphatic esoteric formations of the New Age to have adapted their teachings to the findings of modern science. One would expect not to talk about love and persistently show the heart or when referring to the origin of the qualities that a man carries as instincts not to place them at the lower part of the spine or in the abdomen. One would have expected to understand the role of brain cells and the individual brain fragments and to try to adapt their words to these truths. One would expect to read or study the achievements of modern psychology and to revise the great truths hidden in the texts of esotericism not by rejecting them but by placing them on the new foundations. One thing is for sure, the initiatory truths are timeless and the only changes are the conclusions the modern initiate must

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