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Will you tell us what’s going on? Are we fighting for “WE” or for “ME”?

Will you tell us what’s going on? Are we fighting for “WE” or for “ME”? Should we work on the separation or the unification concept? Peter Ouspensky, this great esotericist, in his poetic reference to the Tarot cards, when referring to the Devil’s card, says that it represents the “lie” because his very existence is the greatest lie of all. Well, what I am about to say is way worse than that, because at least this gentleman is a well-known troublemaker and everyone is taking all necessary precautions against him. So our discussion will not be about a man but an idea that literally misleads us. And this is the idea of “We!” Yes, and do not rush to tell me off. I remember when my teacher and initiator to the world of esoterism, spoke about the idea of “we” as a way of action and of the downfall that

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Come on all, let’s incarnate! So what?

Come on all, let’s incarnate! So what? Our soul -as written on the heroic chant- never dies! So lets do out best to accomplish its death! Just as you thought you had everything figured out, along comes a “brat” from Norway and turns everything upside down. Now the “brat” I am referring to is a barefoot little girl, Angelina Jordan ( and if there is a case for a voice to rip the “astral spaces” and be heard by… Mr. Big up above, that voice will surely be a voice like hers. And if He happens to be a bit Jazzy he will definitely let her voice do so. But I called her a brat for another reason, because she resurfaces an idea that you had gone through and rejected, that of reincarnation. You think “no way children with such qualities can be born” and you go to sleep light

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What is the meaning of “bad”? At the end, if it was made by… the guy from high above, why is it bad?

I was always sure about something, but I could not explain it. You may ask me, can you explain it now? Well… not sure, but I think what I am about to share could make some sense. So, since God made this world, where the f… was found all the evil that filled it? On the other hand, if someone else created the world, didn’t God make that creator as well? Wait a minute, if Lucifer made the world and Lucifer – the first angel, always according to the scriptures – was made by God (this is undisputed), one thing is for sure, either he made a mistake in the execution of the plans commissioned by Him, or he followed the commands just fine and this is the correct plan of the creation. Does it make any sense to you? It doesn’t to me. I am afraid that a straight

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Let’s close our eyes and dream! Of what? Perhaps that we are awake!

So, what you are suggesting is that down here, in our “linear reality”, we are all the same? We all share the same quest? Clever and stupid, beautiful and ugly, privileged and pariah, are we all fighting for the same end? What about our creator? Are we not created in the likeness of God and in His own image? I could say, “That’s what the potato machine said and looked at the toaster on the shelf at the workshop”. There is a children’s toy, Mr. Potato. In a small bag there are several plastic pieces, resembling parts of a face and there is a potato body with feet. The children use the potato to literally nail all those parts on it – the eyes, the nose, the ears and the mouth. As soon as they create their first potato-man, they begin to talk to him. And the cool thing is

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To live or not to live? Of course to live, just don’t forget to ask yourself what kind of life is worth living!

The pun of the title is not at all accidental. It shows that if we want to understand some concepts, we have to look at what they mean. Before proceeding, I would like to add that the name of a place or a person means a lot. For example, in North America, our well-known Indians called their children Sitting Buffalo, Gray Wolf, Black Cloud, Blooming Cherry -wrong, this is a Japanese name – when somewhere else they were called Menelaus, Antigone, Iphigenia, Antinoos, Lysimachus and others. The bad thing is that the inhabitants of the second area are no longer around to enlighten us regarding the meaning of the names. And to make the whole thing clearer, I will start with a little story I heard many years ago by Elias Tsatsomiros. If the name does not ring a bell, just “Google” it! (What an amazing wise word!) In the

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Symbiotic? The human? Quantum-Symbiotic or Linear-Symbiotic? What does that mean?

Arthur Koestler had described in one of his books a brain surgery, he had watched, while a small experiment was taken place at the time. When the doctor touched a specific area in the patient’s brain, the patient held up his hand. He was asked not to do so, but that was impossible. Every time the doctor touched that spot, the patient raised his hand. In the doctor’s insistence the patient made the following move. He grabbed the hand that was about to be raised with his other hand, in an attempt to stop it. The writer then wondered: Who gave this command? And he replied: The ghost that resides in the human machine. The same ghost replies when you ask someone how he feels and tells you ninety five out of a hundred times: MY head hurts, MY hand hurts. He does not say: I hurt in the head,

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