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Paradise or Hell? What do I care?

I started writing about these rather strange topics and really don’t see how I will manage to avoid  comments from my various friends who are either angelic oriented or worship the ancient religions. I am not even talking about my other friends, the scientists. The most difficult team, however, is the Facebook readers. If you dare to ask them something, a quote from a Korean philosopher, unknown even to his own mother (the Greek says), comes right back in your face. Come on, if you are going to use quotes why not use at least the popular ones that everyone knows? Our ancestors have one for everything! I tried to overcome the most serious category, the “love” lovers. Love forgives everything, love understands everything and many more quotes that, truth be told match great with so many love songs. I know that some of my internet friends are going to

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Pour passer le temps

My dear child, Yesterday I felt nostalgic and decided to write you this letter. In doing that, at least for the next 10 minutes, we will walk side by side while following my thoughts. Do you remember me visiting you in the maternity hospital the day you were born? What am I saying?! You can not possibly remember these years. Those years while you were yourself, it was like you were not. Yes, I can say with certainty it was you the person I was holding in my hands, the one I embraced with tenderness, the reason you don’t remember any of these is simply because your memory is not you. You are something else. And of course, you are not your body cells because all of your cells have changed since that time including the very cells of your brain. I am somehow scared by these thoughts I am

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Our origin!

So, the human being is the capping stone of creation. In a very graphic way, the holy scripts explain how God took mud and created the human being. Mud, therefore, constitutes that part of the cosmic being that has to do with the Essence, that is, with the Cycle or Level of Essence. The whole course from that moment until the blow of the Divine Breath of God himself has to do with the place of origin of that special being. On our planet, the raw material is clay. In other planets, maybe, the raw material is completely different. In a few words, the form of life is born and bred differently in each planet. In the vast number of planets existing in the endless cosmos, similar or same forms are bound to happen. But at the same time, it is absolutely certain that there will be forms completely different

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I come from the stars. How about you?

Many times, we state effortlessly: “I come from the stars and that’s where I feel that my home is!” However, what does that mean? Is it important to know our origin in order to live a more fulfilling life? My personal opinion in such matters is yes. We really need to know the meaning of that and to think of a plan that can put order in our life. Of course it is not bad to change this plan during our life when the data are also changed. On the contrary, reforming our own plan is the only necessary condition in order to stay alive in the game of life and to continue alive in the journey that follows. The last thing we need to do is enter into an endless discussion trying to excuse the non excusable. In the course of those posts, I will refer to more or

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Love like we say “Love” or “love at any cost”? Let’s do some serious talking!

No… don’t, this subject is red hot! There are so many in favor of love and… No one ever lost when he spoke of love. Love is the cure; love is a many splendored thing, love… bites! Is there anyone that has not talked about love? What is Love? Is it a feeling, a virtue of creation, an unidentified power or a strange set of words and opinions that anyone can use for their own benefit? Personally, and over the last few years, while observing the social media, I tend to believe the latter. Do not misunderstand me, “Love” is the solution for everything and unfortunately that “everything” includes all the bullshit of the world. And as written in the Bible: Love is the solution for every disease and every malady (according to the scriptural interpretation the last word is not well clarified, leaving it open to several other meanings).

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Scientists have observed epigenetic memories being passed down for 14 generations – by Signe Dean

Scientists Have Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down For 14 GenerationsThe past lives on. SIGNE DEAN 21 APR 2017The most important set of genetic instructions we all get comes from our DNA, passed down through generations. But the environment we live in can make genetic changes, too.Researchers have now discovered that these kinds of environmental genetic changes can be passed down for a whopping 14 generations in an animal – the largest span ever observed in a creature, in this case being a dynasty of C. elegans nematodes (roundworms).To study how long the environment can leave a mark on genetic expression, a team led by scientists from the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) in Spain took genetically engineered nematode worms that carry a transgene for a fluorescent protein. When activated, this gene made the worms glow under ultraviolet light.Then, they switched things up for the nematodes by changing the temperature of their containers. When the team

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