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(Cover by Valia Sakellariadi)

The novel is about a story taking place in a small rural town in America After being confronted by two ghostly figures, college-senior Dmitri Alexander has no choice but to direct his college play – Nash’s The Rainmaker. Finding himself tangled up in rehearsals, love triangles and torrential thunderstorms, Dmitri feels he might be juggling too much – and all this when he’s supposed to be dropping out of college and returning home to a landlocked ranch which needs his help. 

At the same time, many of Copperville’s well-kept secrets are finding their way to the surface. Unearthed secrets from the spiritual realm help weave and decide the fates of the town locals, not to mention determine their family and love lives. And all of this during Copperville’s centennial celebrations. Meanwhile, the ghostly creatures are causing trouble left, right and center, stirring up things that might be best left alone. With so many lives entangled and a fateful accident that changes everything, it will take more than a miracle for Dmitri to succeed in his task. Can he pull through?

Abook extract in pdf can be read by clicking here: Rehearsal in the Rain.

(Cover by Valia Sakellariadi)

The UN finally decides to make cut funding for the CEADAS space debris collection programme. The craft’s last commander, Pete Duran, and its mainframe computer, LYKI, decide to buy and take control of the craft, completing the final collection run on behalf of the UN. As time passes, though, LYKI evolves into a technological hybrid of artificial intelligence capable of manipulating the craft’s crew.

After a devastating sun storm wreaks havoc across the universe, the spacecraft with an assortment of characters it has collected along the way, find refuge on the very outskirts of the planetary system. Among the CEADAS crew is also a team of scientists headed for Neptune, who are working on the rejuvenation of biosomes, as well as exploring the nature time-travel.

All the while, LYKI has been preparing for the startup of a new colony after he’s done creating a new hybrid of artificial hyper-intelligent robots. But as usual, nothing ever goes according to plan, and events start to take an unexpected turn…

A book extract in pdf can be readr by clicking here: Cosmic Seagulls – Exodus

(Cover by Valia Sakellariadi)

James McCormick, a lone conservative retired civil servant, suffers a severe heart attack, while he is having lunch, on a Saturday afternoon at his stable hangout next to the Thames.

His close Facebook association in a cinema group has made him an online friend with Vivi Filiber in France, who will be the only one to look for him when he does not honor their afternoon “dating” on the internet.

As he fights for his life, Vive will find her own looking for his past in an attempt to collect information that might help him. A journey of life and death unfolds for both …

A book extract in pdf can be read by clicking here: Hello, I Am Alive!

(Cover by Valia Sakellariadi)

A boat, its crew, and a strange mission: To relocate mental health patients from the central psychiatric clinic to a marginal, in a remote island. Who are these people, or rather what, are they really looking for? Since when is the perception of another reality considered a mental illness? In the world, we live in, who is the traitor, and who is the betrayed? Are the unfulfilled dreams, the most substantial burden a man can carry? Lastly, is it possible for a human being to perceive the greatness of its soul, in the smallness of its existence?

My play is dedicated to these sad souls who fail to overcome difficulties and end up as living wrecks, sometimes wandering among dead people…

(Cover by Valia Sakellariadi)

Reality and relative reality are two completely different things. The second is what we perceive with our senses and brain. Imagine now that between these two, there are other levels of understanding that if we manage and activate them, we do not reach the perception of absolute reality. Still, at least we have a better picture of what is happening.

 Such a level is offered to us by metaphysics, but we have to pay special attention to it because many illusions often enter it. But this level, which I personally refer to as the level of every day’s metaphysics, is a relatively accessible way of understanding the truth that relativity once again encompasses our level of understanding. 

 The collection of articles enclosed in this doctrine seeks, as honestly as possible, to take a look at the events that characterize the metaphysical veil of relative reality to assist the contemporary researcher in the more global perception of the individual and the world. 

A book extract in pdf can be read by clicking here: Every day’s Metaphysics

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