Come on all, let’s incarnate! So what?

Come on all, let’s incarnate! So what? Our soul -as written on the heroic chant- never dies! So lets do out best to accomplish its death!

Just as you thought you had everything figured out, along comes a “brat” from Norway and turns everything upside down. Now the “brat” I am referring to is a barefoot little girl, Angelina Jordan ( and if there is a case for a voice to rip the “astral spaces” and be heard by… Mr. Big up above, that voice will surely be a voice like hers. And if He happens to be a bit Jazzy he will definitely let her voice do so.

But I called her a brat for another reason, because she resurfaces an idea that you had gone through and rejected, that of reincarnation. You think “no way children with such qualities can be born” and you go to sleep light hearted. And right when you are about to let go and dream you think again… “What if they can?”

I will therefor tell you a story like a fairy tale and let you get your own conclusions. But for me, that’s how things are done. Of course you can never be sure for such things… but then again you can’t be sure even for more simple ones.

So, somewhere else, in a place that the only thing existing is the single entity, the absolute One, an inner need is expressed that is trying to manifest itself. But this can only be accomplished towards the inner part of the entity. This “need” and only this, makes this One entity become millions of rays trying to express the manifestation’s need. And there, within the ONE, they discover the space-time continuum of creation.

Let’s follow the course of one of those rays and hopefully at the end we will get some kind of conclusion.

Initially, the manifestation has some unexpressed still qualities that attract it toward some direction, both timely and locally. And somewhere deep down in our own geosphere, two formerly individualized rays have already started the game of love. An egg and a sperm unite at some point, and a living cell begins to exist. The elements that bathe it at that moment have a global character and are three. They are the universal spirit, the universal matter and the universal soul. Those three are the only substances in the environment in which everything took place. This new born cell borrows its qualities from them, and so it inherits a little bit of the universal spirit, which means that it acquires a slight individualization of that universal spirit, a small individualization of the universal matter and an equally small individualization of the universal soul. That means it has from now on its own spirit -it can understand-, its own soul -it can feel- and its own matter- it can exist. These exist as localized information in the body that begins to format. NOTHING more.

Its life begins and multiplies, and at some point in time, the higher existential ray looks at it and finds it a good solution for the effort it decided to make. So this ray begins to penetrate into this whole and to familiarize it piece by piece. It arranges it, it studies it and mainly it uses it. The ray puts its individual parts to join forces and therefor it’s new home acquires other qualities due to the common activities. Such is the mental and the aesthetic state of the fetus. Its animal dynamism already exists from its production act.

At some point during the whole procedure, the settlement of the ray becomes stable and permanent. At first the ray simply visits its home until it is ready. Somewhere I read that around the sixth month of pregnancy, there is an intense electromagnetic activity in the fetus’s brain -who knows, maybe that is the moment when the ray turns on the lights to illuminate its home. Do you believe that the electric and communications companies would ever miss on a chance like that?!

The question now is real. Where does the information that is used as raw material in the new structure, come from? It comes from the corresponding warehouses! Where else? That is? The matter is taken from the environment or at least through the immediate environment. Is the mother healthy? So is the child. Is the mother sick? The child is sick. Not exclusively, since literally, no one has been able yet to decipher how the new creature grows.

That is? (Time for the difficult answers). What if, during the process of building the individual elements, the raw materials used were not spotless? The logical conclusion is that they will carry the information they had to the new resident. With the element of matter this is clear. The Japanese woman will give birth to a Japanese child, the Indian to an Indian, the African to an African and so on. And if this doesn’t occur a bit of investigation will for sure bring some kind of aggregation from the ancestors. But the same procedure is the basis for the world of emotions. People are endowed with a different variety of emotions from that of animals or amphibians. This also happened over time within the same breed. The first people did not develop the feelings of modern ones. This improvement doesn’t happen because of a reincarnation that carries the old feelings over and over again. It happens because the life-improved information is gradually stored in the raw material and every new existence takes it up as capabilities in its operating system – just for the record I happen to be sort of a computer specialist he he!

But this is also obvious in the mind area. Children born in our days are smarter than those of other centuries. The appearance of certain extraordinary people, of course, confirms the rule.

Someone might ask, lets assume things did happen like this, does it matter?

Yes it matters, it matters a lot because all the people, under this prism, have a common principle and seek a common path that has to do with why the higher existential ray went into all that trouble of living into the elements of the space-time continuum of creation.

Personally I am certain only of one thing: It is not possible, the ray that started from the “ONE” to go through all that hassle to simply return back where it was. Only man is capable of such a stupidity.

Have a good night.

P.S. This ray – which most refer to as “soul”- is not born, which means that it cannot die no matter how much we try. If on the other hand it comes all the way “down here” and does not accomplish anything, well that is the ray’s problem!

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