I come from the stars. How about you?

Many times, we state effortlessly: “I come from the stars and that’s where I feel that my home is!” However, what does that mean? Is it important to know our origin in order to live a more fulfilling life? My personal opinion in such matters is yes. We really need to know the meaning of that and to think of a plan that can put order in our life. Of course it is not bad to change this plan during our life when the data are also changed. On the contrary, reforming our own plan is the only necessary condition in order to stay alive in the game of life and to continue alive in the journey that follows.

The last thing we need to do is enter into an endless discussion trying to excuse the non excusable. In the course of those posts, I will refer to more or less established concepts that human society has adopted, but I do not accept that in the majority they all have a clear prospect. The Christian Religion is good in some ways, but “Adam and Eve” are not enough for me to accept that my origin as a human being was at some point in their hands. The answer for an alien origin is much more fun because the simple question that even a child is going to ask is “so how did it happen there?”

On the other hand to transfer our origin in another dimension, higher than this, closer to God, is not clear enough for me. I feel as if someone had put on the highest shelf of a library the book of our origin just so that I cannot reach it.

And the basic problem with this prospect is that I cannot understand the multiplicity of the dimensions. I can comprehend the operation of a world of two dimensions only as a theory or as a mathematical proof. And that in order to accept the idea of another much more difficult approach to what is happening. A one-dimensional world is even tougher to understand. Then, if I try to rise to higher dimensions, the concept becomes tragically incomprehensible. When I ask the ones in favor of this theory to describe these dimensions, they use the model of a block of flats. On the upper floor, the rich residents and on the ground floor the poor ones.

Someone might use as an excuse for all these that “We must somehow describe the divinity”. To that I ask with naivety “If we place God as a resident on some dimension, isn’t that a restriction? Aren’t we automatically accepting the existence of another higher dimension that will have as a result to overthrow the divinity of the Divine?”

The meaning of God, at least for me, has nothing to do with Olympian Entities, nor with other cosmological powers that reside in the etheric field of whatever interstellar system. God or more accurate “Divinity” constitutes the Absolute One or better the Absolute Neither-One, due to the fact that even the One ought to be somewhere. So the Neither-One is the highest philosophical status of the beginning, the point from which, at least myself, can start discussing all about the origin of the universe and of the human being as part of this entity.

And this is the point in our research where the fiction approach enters like a fairy tale, simply because the first possible steps of the Creation can be approached only as a fairy tale. Unfortunately, this is the time that together with the cheese stands the mousetrap. Instead of keeping a general approach and deny small details, we prefer to adopt a full fairy tale analysis capable to give answers even to all the troubles of our personal life.

We need a fairy tale to memorize so that when we talk with others to refer parts or buzzwords from it as absolute truths. But the essence of a fairy tale lies exactly in its foggy environment and not in its crystal clear views. We need to focus on the essence of this tale not its details. Snow-white is not the little girl, which was cast away by its evil stepmother. Something else is hiding behind, and this is what we must always look for.

So, what does the fairy tale of the beginning tell us? It tells us that on another level of existence, the firstborns undertake the obligation to put order to the level we could refer to as level of the Essence. The name of the level of origin is that of “Hyperessence”, (coming from the Greek word “Hyper” which means over, higher and Essence) the level that stands above the level of substance. The creation, as we know it, is just a part of the level of the substance. The Essence is somehow the Chaos of Hesiod, to use the most known expression. And what did the firstborns do? They planted in the Essence the determinism, the Laws. They did NOTHING ELSE. So, the Essence level was forced to start working accepting the Laws of the “Hyperessence” level and transforming them to Laws of its level. By doing so, started the process that would allow the step-by-step completion of the tasks of the firstborns. The target is one and only one, the level of the Essence to behave according to the determination of the Hyperessence level, so, someday in the future to mirror in an absolute way the level of the Beginning.

All other steps were results of this unique act of creation. A small example is the Law of Gravity.  This law acted for the creation of the celestial bodies from the astral dust or from the primary elements. It is the same law from that point forward that leads the creation of cosmos, as we know it, of the minerals and the plants, even of the animals.

Creation is not an experiment that someone put in action after trying it in his lab. The experiments end up in the formation of a prototype, from which the reproduction begins. That’s not how it works with creation. Creation is a conception that was left alone to carry on and format directly the multiplicity of the results. The processes that were adopted afterwards were internal cases of the determination of the first idea.

That which the firstborns were after, was that the created laws and the procedures that were originated from them to reach such a degree of evolution, so consciousness which would be born by that procedure, to be capable of accepting the Hyperessence Power as one additional function. When that is done, wherever it is done and with whatever form it takes, a construction is created that takes the name of Human Being. As a construction, it is the product of Essence that has the ability to apprehend the Hyperessence Truth. In the metaphysics vocabulary, we say that this creature hides within him the Divine Sparkle. And this human being, is a perfect creation of the laws of Essence and it is the one that will establish gradually the application of the full determination to the level of Essence.

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