I manifest, you manifest, he manifests!

As you were about to believe you had the solution to all, and that you were now ready to embark on the difficult struggle of self-knowledge, you find out that everyone was fooling you. You thought they owed you, and you discover that you have to pay them a fortune. You’re not just at the beginning. With all the miscalculation it’s like you are competing for one hundred meters and they make you run from the two hundred meters’ start point.

They all start their tale with a ready-made story that they place in a time of no possible access to add value to it. The most dear story is a humanity that has solved all its problems except survival and has left all their testimonies of their truth in the Akashic Records. For those unaware, the Akashic Records are something like a registry in another dimension where everything that has happened since the beginning of time, has been recorded. I don’t want to be accused I am avoiding naming that time. So, let me inform you that for most of them it’s the Lemuria season … we’ll leave it at that. I can only add that they keep the Akashic Records at God’s… books. Where the truth about every civilization, dating thousands of years back, has been written.

I do not deny that such civilizations existed; I question the ability of modern humans to describe how those people thought and other details of their lives that, in my humble opinion, are not substantiated by the existing findings. Something to think about: Why didn’t Christ, or someone else, talk about them? Or why don’t they talk about the truths of past cultures? If anyone knew about them, it must have been undoubtedly the one I mentioned above, so he must have a damn good reason not to mention something.

Let’s go back to knowing oneself. So on what will the modern man rely in his quest for such strange knowledge? He has to rely on his mind. And by mind I do not mean the soft cells of the brain, but the processes of its operation. But be aware! If we will be honest, we have to admit that this mind is not brand new, it is tormented by too many views. And those views have most often been maliciously instilled in it. To put it directly, it is not a mind… of its own!

And we must not only think about where in hell we will find the correct answers. We must also prepare space within us so they do not get soiled by the dirt that our brain has gathered

The first conclusion is almost spontaneous. To be able to remember, we must first FORGET. We need to clear the way we perceive our daily lives. That means we have to dispose our beliefs, our intellectual and moral biases, the doctrines we accept as truths, and any opinion that is not based on…

Actually, what will the base of what we are about to build be?

The first step is the most difficult one, as we have to rely on what we ultimately want to delete. There’s nothing else to do. First, we must rely on ourselves, and especially, on a good “sort out”. I will give you a simple example. According to Greek society, the son who is fooling around is a cool bloke, while the daughter doing so is a slut. Do you know how many of these exist?

There is no easy way for this endeavor. But there is a first step. Let’s distinguish what is ours and what is not. We shouldn’t start by dividing the elements that make us who we are, in good or bad. No, the first step is to separate them into ours and not ours. Throw those that are not ours into the trash. Should we do that for all of them? Not. If something is right, let us carefully adopt it. But to adopt it only to assimilate it in the future. Here, too, we should be very thoughtful. It is not enough to originate from a sacred script. If you do a little research, you could find that all the so-called sacred scripts are full of falsehoods, generalities and quotes. And all these intend to create zealots rather than free people. The truths they hide are few and very well hidden so they are not easily understood. Only a clear mind without blinkers can recognize them. And those, who are renowned as their interpreters, are, as the ancient Greeks used to say, blind not only to the eyes but also to their ears and minds.

I don’t suggest full on rejection. I’m not a revolutionary. I consider myself a reformer and as such, I record my thoughts.

If someone considers only what I’ve written so far, he will question his ability to accomplish anything at the end. Especially if you add the impact of the environment and the degree of freedom in which he formed himself, the whole effort becomes extremely difficult.

But the knowledge of oneself is simply an index, a process if you wish. It is the cornerstone of the great chapter of Personality which is the element by which we express the Self. And that is why it needs our attention.

Before closing this article, I must say something more about the tool we have in our disposal as human beings, our minds. You immediately think our mind lacks emotions and has only a sterile mental perception. Nothing could be further from the truth. And only the section of Amygdales that controls the lower instincts (and many more) proves that both emotional and intellectual intelligence are functions of the same body.

Thoughts are NOT products of the brain, as emotions are NOT products of the heart. If that was the case, a brain in a bowl would produce thoughts and a heart into a jar, emotions. All of our functions are a single “program” that runs on thousands of printed circuits that make up our entire body of energy.

So pay attention to the driver, he is the one we’re interested in because he is us and he is the one we wish to get to know.

Good continuity on whatever you do.

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