If You Only Read A Few Books In 2018, Read These – by Rian Holiday

If You Only Read A Few Books In 2018, Read TheseIf you’d liked to be jerked around less, provoked less, and more productive and inwardly focused, where should you start?To me, the answer is obvious: by turning to wisdom. Below is a list of 21 books that will help lead you to a better, stronger 2018.

Mr. Eternity by Aaron Thier / The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas These books really have nothing to do with the events of 2016 but they are long and entertaining and they will make you forget your problems for the next 12 months. I thought I’d read Monte Cristo as a kid, but clearly I didn’t. Because the actual book is a 1,200 page epic of some of the most brilliant, beautiful and complicated storytelling ever put to paper. What a book! When I typed out my notes (and quotes) after finishing this book, it ran some 3,000 words. As for Mr. Eternity, it’s a fun, epic jaunt through the distant future (as though it was the past) in the vein of Voltaire’s CandideCandideisn’t a bad read for this year either: “We must cultivate our own garden.”

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