Writing to a child about life and the cycles of life.

My dear child,

I am writing this letter so that I share with you something that’s happening to me, which you are most certainly a part of. After this, a lot of things will change in our relationship. But no matter what, I will always call you my child. You see, I am the older one, and you are the younger one.

Let’s start from scratch. Strange things happen to me lately. The most important of them being that a big circle in my life has ended. I don’t recall exactly when it has begun. I think it was when I was 20 years old. Work, studies, family, children, dreams for an entire life. For me, all these are in the past; they belong to the completed circle of life. My job is over; studies no longer offer anything, nor does the family. My children are, by now, independent human beings, and I do not feel like a father to them anymore. They are my friends, my co-fighters, people who live their own first cycle of life. I do not put aside my love with this letter, I just cut the bonds that keep me tied with them in a circle that if I do not escape now, I will be led for sure to what I call “death.”

My child, the problem is that this bond cannot be untied from one end only. That is why I am asking you to let go of your end of the rope as well and say: “Farewell warrior, I wish you the best of fights.” And if you do so, our future meetings will be essential, full of real meaning and love. Because love is beyond circles, beyond ties. Love is, above all. It is the pure knowledge that we are rays from the same source.

But be aware! If someone does not willingly let the edge of the rope go, that doesn’t mean that the whole act will be overturned. The decision has been made in another level of existence; the forces simply wait for the first one to make a move. If the other one is delayed or denying to act accordingly, then they interfere, and the interruption is done abruptly. Unfortunately, this is very painful.

In my part, I entered consciously into the second circle and started my last attempt. I have asked for help – from whom I don’t really know. But I feel them right next to me, and I thank them for it.

So I say goodbye to my beloved child, and I welcome you to the new reality that must define us from now on. Do not be afraid of this new relationship. I wish other parents could escape from their standing relation, which is nothing but an inconsistent heritage. They inherit their children’s circle and are trapped in a process that forces them to relive the first cycle. They refuse to start their second cycle with unfortunate adverse effects for their existence.
Nothing is worse than that! If I could compare it to anything, I would once more call it “death.” Do not be afraid of the word. Christ had spoken of the living dead. These are some of them. And do not forget that natural death is the simplest one because, in our example, we have Tedalus’ martyrdom. The constant repetition of the same cycle is the quench that kills the Ego and cuts the golden thread that unites us with our inner God.

So we are starting this new beginning. It is not a beginning from scratch, of course, because love has already been won and is a vital component of this relationship. And if I am not mistaken, we have also gained understanding. Understanding of our relationship, knowledge of our uniqueness, understanding that when we meet again in another dimension, our eyes will rest on each other’s sight. And all these happen my child because we are soul mates.

Let me share a few things about this second cycle that I feel I began living – not like a father to a child and in no case as a teacher to a student. I want to tell you a few things as one friend to another.

To understand better what I am about to tell you, I will ask you to draw something. Design the infinite symbol. You know, the “eight” lay on its side. Now take a fantastic bug, a scarab, and place it in the middle of the “eight” from the outside. Tell him to start his journey by walking on the left half circle. Notice that once this semicircle is over, it will continue on the inside of the second semicircle.

The course, which starts as an external path, ends up becoming internal. That’s life. And trust me when I say that the two united circles are not life, but infinity itself. Blessed is the one who has two harmonically balanced semicircles. Unhappy is the one whose second part is smaller or even absent because he is obligated – do not ask by whom – to pass the second part as well. When death comes to him, he will not find anything!

The second cycle is a repetition of the first’s structures. There is birth, there is education – trust me -, there are relationships, and there is a cause. All these exist under the notion of “internal.” What does this mean? Man has taken all the necessary experiences from the external path to infinity and is now ready to start their transubstantiation to the inner journey.

The hidden meanings are now presented, or instead, they are now revealed. And the reason is that now he can visualize not only the general idea but also all the pieces of the new puzzle. This image is lovely, there is peace – there must be peace -, there is love for the universe – there must be love for the universe -, there are no enemies or friends – there should not be since our common origin is now a fact.

This is the magical journey my child, I have just begun, step-by-step, with difficulty I must confess, but this is the road I have chosen. Forgive all of us from my generation for seeming to have changed the course of our life. Also, forgive us for what we used to tell you compared to what we are saying now that we are faced with the new reality. We did not know… and now that we have discovered it, it would be a sin to stay silent once again. I personally can’t.

The day has passed, and as night comes, I realize that I am repeating myself, so I shall stop. Goodnight, my child, and know that my love – no matter its external form – is real.

A Father

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