Me alive Matrix! You Jane?

Before we try to figure out what the modern man might need to do, let’s look at the environment he is living in. There are various perceptions that, in my humble opinion, help a little. On one hand is the dry scientific view and on the other is an endless metaphysical conception.

The first, namely the science looking type, in its extreme position adopts views like the one presented in the Matrix trilogy film. We are all plugged in! Some with blue and others with red cables. They are content with placing a machine behind everything, or at least a completely mechanistic concept. The key question is whether we take the plot seriously. Are the heroes elsewhere and every time they put the cable in their neck they appear magically in the red world? Or do they all live in those weird beehives, machine products, and depending on the power plug they get to play on a different level of the game?

Let’s look at the concept of the Matrix. More to the Matrix of information, which is supposed to represent the scientific conception of life, a life based on the theory of relativity. The world is for many a Matrix, a Matrix of information. Who says the opposite? What is so unique about this idea that had everyone talking about it? What is new to us? Nothing at all. Most theories, however, rest on this general notion. Such a view confuses simple life-defining concepts rather than bringing solutions.

The damage behind these scientific opinions is the deconstruction of life. Do you want to have a good time? You must choose the red perception of life. Do you want to see the truth? You choose the blue view. But both give no answer. I saw no difference in the way the blue people live in their city in the viscera of the Earth (Matrix) than the others living on its surface. Deconstruction creates different life patterns that both support different ethical rules.

This conception is followed by an endless metaphysical conception that lacks a structure since they base it on utterly flawed interpretations. They simply claim that “he” or “she” said “this” or “that”. But their interpretations are contradictory to each other even within the same views, and they have neither philosophical nor dialectical value at all. The countryside is on fire because this is how the Earth is cleansed! The animals will extinct because their role is completed! You can easily find several similar arbitrary statements that again undermine the importance of life and, most importantly, human responsibility. That is? Again, they support an immoral world.

Both these views do whatever they can to drive man apart from the here and now and deprive him of the ability to think in pragmatic terms. The relativity of existence and its metaphysical dimension have a particular spatial system within which they exist. This is what the modern man must not only understand but also shape for his own benefit.

So let’s just keep in mind that everyone wears glasses that have a different color. And all they do is deprive you of the right to live. That’s right. We’re talking about life. Life must contain joy, freedom, and the ability for the individual to have the time needed to educate himself. The funny thing with those teachers’ suggestions is that none of us answer back: My eyes work fine, thank you. I don’t need your glasses.

This is the only conclusion a person can make and not dwell on the plausibility of the controversy. Because there is plausibility. What will happen to humanity? Will the economy collapse? How will the lower layers live? Will there be work for everyone? What will I be in my next reincarnation? What does the teacher mean? And many more that have unfortunately formed the casing of today’s society and not its essence.

The one who wants to form himself properly must straddle between not the endless science or the infinite metaphysics, but to the existing function and structure of society, and to the idea that invites him on the path of integration.

It is difficult. Very difficult, I will add, because there are moments full of illusions that project the path of complete submission to one of these extreme perceptions.

But it is these choices that determine the environment in which we live. How can we talk about self-awareness etc. and ignore the environment in which we exist? Let this simple aspect be one of your criteria to establish the gravity of the suggestions you are presented.

Can we change our environment easily though? I’m sorry, but no. The environment does not change easily. But what can change is the way we evaluate it. If you live in an illiberal environment and understand it, you have taken the first step to gain your freedom. Starting to see it as it is will help you make the right decisions and take the right steps to move forward unhindered. I will add that this is the way to shape the ethics within which we must move not as individuals but as a humanity.

Keep in mind that we must manifest ourselves in an environment. So, our properties are not only affected by it but also use it to manifest. Let me state here and now that the measure of understanding the environment is harmony. We have to live in harmony with our environment and I speak not of the artificial environment but of our natural environment. Artificial paradises are places where fantastic creatures dwell. Who can understand, understands!

The environment, however, has an even more essential function. When we manage to see it without glasses, we discover that it hides treasures of knowledge. Everything is there, just observe it and you will find all the answers. My dear readers, you should know that every answer just awaits the proper question.

Have a good time in whatever you do.

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