Meta EN 295X399
Cover by Valia Sakellariadi


Reality and relative reality are two completely different things. The second is what we perceive with our senses and brain. Imagine now that between these two, there are other levels of understanding that if we manage and activate them, we do not reach the perception of absolute reality. Still, at least we have a better picture of what is happening.Such a level is offered to us by metaphysics, but we have to pay special attention to it because many illusions often enter it. But this level, which I personally refer to as the level of every day’s metaphysics, is a relatively accessible way of understanding the truth that relativity once again encompasses our level of understanding.The collection of articles enclosed in this doctrine seeks, as honestly as possible, to take a look at the events that characterize the metaphysical veil of relative reality to assist the contemporary researcher in the more global perception of the individual and the world