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Hello, I am Alive!

James McCormick, a lone conservative retired civil servant, suffers a severe heart attack, while he is having lunch, on a Saturday afternoon at his stable hangout next to the Thames.

His close Facebook association in a cinema group has made him an online friend with Vivi Filiber in France, who will be the only one to look for him when he does not honor their afternoon “dating” on the internet.

As he fights for his life, Vive will find her own looking for his past in an attempt to collect information that might help him. A journey of life and death unfolds for both …

Author: Panos Sakelis
Cover: Valia Sakellariadi

AVAILABILITY: The book is available in paperback and e-book formats. For Greece, it can be ordered through the Author by completing the order form in the Menu. In that case there is no extra charge for post expenses

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