Omnis EN 295X399
Cover by Valia Sakellariadi


In a genetic research center of America, which operates with secret public funds, a team of scientists discovers that during pregnancy, a particular hormone eliminates the memory of the embryo so far.
What will happen if they remove this hormone? What information will they gather about the birth and the journey before that?
The experiment is crowned by success and Johannes comes into the world, a being with full consciousness and memory of the life before birth.
However, during his adulthood, he begins to experience flashbacks to past lives, through which he is gaining knowledge with the help of the Tarot cards. Each card becomes a mythical journey to other places, in other dimensions, and at different times.
The conflict with the forces of evil is inevitable, since an unknown humanoid is the one that “throws” the cards, a creature of dark force, connected with Johannes, who will devote his entire existence to his crush… 
The ultimate battle between good and evil has begun.