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About Good and Bad

Perhaps one of the most important issues and problems of the modern man who wants to walk the path of completion is to understand the difference and also the way these two opposing terms, good and evil, work. But things are not that easy. I am borrowing two terms from a teacher of esotericism, D. Semelas, those of the creative factor and the corresponding destructive or otherwise transformative one. Whatever we call them, they are nothing more than the terms of order and disorder, or even those of organization and chaos. As words, however, they are more understandable since one factor, one force, creates while the other destroys, or rather transforms. Make no mistake, they are both necessary for creation.

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The Fairy tale of Higher Dimensions

Having been pointed out by a good friend that perhaps the word “fairy tale” that I occasionally use in the titles of my posts may not be the most appropriate for my purpose, I tried to find another, but to no avail. The meaning I give it is that of the paraphrasing of the original meaning, because of the many that are heard, and therefore, the misunderstanding of a clearer interpretation. So let’s go check the fairy tale of the higher dimensions. Initially, when we refer to dimensions, our mind justifiably goes to mathematical concepts. As far as I am concerned, there are only those that characterize the space and they are strictly three. Fewer or more are physical-mathematical concepts

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Let’s know ourselves! It is about time!

Self-awareness everywhere and for everyone. This word is commonly used within the circles of metaphysical and socio-psychological groups, who are dedicated to supporting individuals in their journey towards wholeness. Are they wrong? Of course not. But they are not right either. Nowadays, the need for self-awareness has passed from the stage of revelation to that of common acceptance. So now, each of us can refer with ease to that. Of course, by that, I don’t encourage continuous talks on self awareness from everyone. Not to mention every poor fellow that feels the need to state something exceptional and over-analyse this ancient suggestion. Isn’t it strange thought that every teacher and master speaks about accomplishing self awareness as if it is

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