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God, the one that cannot see!

It is fascinating to note that the word God, in all its diverse manifestations, has found its way into the lexicon of virtually every language spoken worldwide. But the fundamental question has to do with interpreting the word and not how the word appeared. How many of those who tear their hair can tell us anything more than what they parrot from the various scriptures? Why does the fair god accept so many injustices? Why doesn’t the merciful god take care of the many sufferers? And many more that every embittered believer faces by projecting a completely meaningless theory. They tell them and whistle nonchalantly that people are being punished for mistakes in their past lives. Anyway there is no end to the list of these sort of questions.  Mercy! Shame, catholically protesting Christians, but also all of you of other religious denominations! And the first conclusion is that 99% of people don’t have the slightest idea about the one who so often refer to as their father or mother. The concept of divinity cannot be approached unless the one who dares to do so has a global view of creation and the rules of cybernetics that structure it. I’m


Meditation and not only!

This time, we will discuss the general idea of meditation (and not only). And not to be misunderstood from the start, I am not against meditation. But meditation is not taking a nap and consider yourself meditating. You will tell me that this does not happen to you, but to others. I refer to them and only to them. I don’t dare to speak about what you re doing. You are doing everything the right way. Let’s start from scratch. First, you isolate yourself in a proper place. You sat in a chair or better, in that difficult position that yogis (and not all of them) take. You closed your eyes and focused on the voice of your chosen one that, from the speaker on your phone, directs you to your meditative exercise. His or her voice, commanding and steady, tells you to inhale deeply, then exhale. When he thinks you’ve got it, he stops and begins with words to help you walk down the paths of the inner self or the paths of the higher self, depending on the level you have reached. Time passes and a few minutes later, his/her voice brings you back to the here and


About Passions

It is one thing to talk about freedom and completely different to do whatever comes to mind, letting our passions unrestrained. Every person, and especially those who want to be called civilized, must develop the technique that will allow them to tame their passions. What is passion? Passion is, by general acceptance, any unrestrainedness of the soul that can hinder a person’s freedom. With this definition, which I copied from some book, we are given the interpretation of the term as well as its limit. It is well known that our soul is anything but stable. And how could it really be stable when the very reason for its existence is to act as an intermediate aspect to ensure the possibility of communication between the two extremes? The vulnerability of the soul is its basic characteristic. I would say it is its functional characteristic. But this vulnerability is controlled by the intellect, by the wisdom that decodes the vibes of the soul and perceives what is happening. However, if this vulnerability goes beyond certain limits, the soul becomes uncontrollable and rationality is ignored. Then another thought prevails. The absurd logic that allows the otherworldly soul to operate independently. Without a