About Death view

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Nothing is born that at some point, that something does not die. And this is not something that is negotiable or can be considered having some other interpretation. It is completely clear. Whatever is born, dies. Man now is a different story, but finally he follows the same law. There is the moment of birth and […]

Soul sister, soul mates or just sisters?

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Soul sister? Let’s start with some numbers. Humanity today numbers about 8 billion. As a general estimation, half of them are women and the other men. I stand by the common opinion that a soul mate basically belongs to the opposite sex. If we divide these 4 billion of any category into the four age […]

About the mess of Timelines!

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Let’s talk a bit about the concept of the timeline. And I say a bit, because it is not one of those subjects that a simple metaphysical vignette can complete. What does it mean beyond the obvious, and what is its metaphysical approach, if any? I think we all understand the obvious interpretation. A series […]

Know thyself fairy tale.

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I begin by stating that the saying “Know thyself” is a very important frontispiece to ancient wisdom and needs special consideration. But where does it belong? Is it a state of being that has to be earned, or is it an element of the tripartite motivation-medium-effect that, wanting or not, is the motive of our […]

Ego, one more fairy tale!

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Our subject is once again Ego. A reader might ask, how is it connected to a man’s attempt to get to know himself and to walk the path of integration? And yet, it all starts with understanding what the word ‘Εgo’ means and how the concept of egotism follows. Let’s start with its meaning and […]

The Fairy Tale of Life!

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Red thread, wrapped in a spinning wheel! Give it a kick to turn for the fairy tale to begin.  Fairy tales are for serious thought and we, here, on the internet have proven ourselves to be lacking in even common sense. The difference is that instead of pills we wear glasses. Colorful. Blue and red […]