So are we all waiting in some kind of an anteroom for souls?

Don’t claim you have never said that! Your theory is that we are all waiting in the anteroom of the souls, in such a rush to come down in the beautiful living conditions of planet Earth, that the minute one more idiot decides to play the role of a parent, we, overlooking his stupidity, hurry to occupy his genetic product!

Several reasonable questions arise with this theory, as it so often happens with many concepts. Are the pre-existing souls of such low quality, don’t judge me as elitist, that match with that of the average man on the planet? We are over eight billion, don’t forget that, and apparently, everyone has a soul. So, back to the drawing board. Is there a warehouse of crowded souls from where they take the train to the planet of their incarnation, or even worse, are they packed in the local hospitality center, something like a local immigration camp?

This image, as well as the concept that accompanies it, no matter how much the followers try to prettify it, is not working. The first problem is the number of souls and of course, their place of birth. The moon, for example, is unsuitable for parking or as a maternity home, since it belongs to our continuum. All jokes aside, even if we admit that they are born in some other space-time, shouldn’t we find the motivation that forces them to embody a soul on this planet? And why do they not only “come down” here but also live so many different lives? Unless it is some kind of a hard labor prison and the course from life to life is the result of our behavior in previous similar jails.

I avoid referring to the matrix of the souls because then everything will be tragically complicated. Never the less I can’t help but ask two questions.

•      Do souls continue to be born, or they were born at some point in the past, and the end of times will come when the last soul completes its quest?

•      The second question has to do with the souls’ parents. For anything to be born, it needs at least one parent. I leave that in your judgment and will.


Unless the soul is not born, it does not exist and has nothing to do with anything we said so far, a thesis I tend to accept as solid and real.

Be careful, I’m not saying that man is not characterized by an emotional function. I assume that this function acquires individuality only as long as the person is alive; that said, I believe that the parent of the soul is the human being itself.

So, the quality of the soul, or to be more accurate, the difference in quality from soul to soul, is the result of the actions and choices of every person. Therefore, there are good souls, and there are evil souls, perverted souls, and so on, there is no end to their categorization since the dissimilarity characterizes the human being itself as a universal law.

To that end, this temporary personalization is added to the other two, the material and the mental. We must take care of this as much as we do with the others. I will not add something else because it will deviate from the general idea of my article. We must, however, see the logic of individualization that presupposes that the person borrows what we refer to as the soul, that is the vibe that constitutes the whole of our emotional function – senses, feelings, etc. – to accomplish the idea of a man during the period of his life.

According to this theory, there is a universal -not earthy but global- function, continuous, and thus unitary, which, as a vibration, penetrates everything. And yes, this vibration is colored by the natural environment, yes, this vibration goes through every person, leaving in him its print, and many more ‘yeses’ to come. It is, for example, as the air when we open a window, and we allow it to enter into a room. But inside the room, there is already air. However, the outside air is mixed with the internal, taking its smell, and perhaps other properties, becomes one with it, and finally, it leaves the room being a total of air but at the same time and the air of the room.

The purification of the individual soul is based on the above view. Beware, however, of the incoming vibe. When hate comes in, it infects our individual soul as well as the universal one since it is an inseparable continuation. Of course, it is not always possible to keep some vibes outside our personal functions. We just need to make sure that appropriate filters are activated to smooth these disorders. Not only as individuals but also as families and societies.

The soul as a function in the time of death DOES NOT farewell the man whom it served for so many years but ceases to replenish and gradually fades out as the human body, and the mind ceases to exist.

As you understand, we are talking about the three human forms. That is, the diversity of humans, and how they use their forms has nothing to do with what the human can do, but what it has to do. And the connoisseur of this truth is not one of its forms. These exist today and not tomorrow. And because they exist as long as a man lives, they only have to do with that specific period.

If we look for the truth about this transcendence, we must look back at its carrier, the carrier with which the idea of the human being is inextricably linked.

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