Astral plane and Universal Psyche? I do not understand! (2ND Course)

The difficult task of writing down the unspeakable goes on.

At this point, I have to start with a parenthesis that clarifies my personal bio-theory. 

Everything I write is based on the fundamental axiom upon which everything originates from the ONE that multiplies with an internal division, creating inner conscious totals. The units within these ensembles are embodied by a divine spark, the Hyper Essence Ego, also known as Hyper Ego, which is NOT an individuality but a different state of divinity. 

Divinity is like an actor who is always asked to play a different role. The knowledge and experience of this role is the goal of ensoulment. It is what, under certain circumstances, can be the beginning of a new Hyper Ego of a higher consciousness that is asked to play a new role bearing the memory of the past. Not the memory of the past life but a piece of specific and unique information that I personally mention as the information of “I AM.”

Our Hyper Ego, through some intuitive, meditative, or even mediumistic process, is found in the shared space of the two conscious levels. When there, it tries to translate what it perceives. Of course, the same thing happens with the death process, but here I describe an approach to that space while the human being is still alive. I have written more regarding this in my previous article.

At this point, a strange process takes place. The Hyper Ego can come into contact with another Hyper Ego already operating on a higher level. But, at least for me, it is clear that what it receives as information is the interpretation of the vibes of its own level. Regardless of the form of the being of the higher consciousness, it will turn it into the closest image of our conscious level. Unfortunately, this picture is perceived from the Intermediate Space researchers as a divine testimony, and any other image is rejected without a second thought.

Images that one ‘sees’ or ‘hear’ or ‘understands’ are translated from the synapses of his brain into information. Due to this particularity, if there are many and appropriate synapses, the message will be more understandable. It is different from knowing only how to say ‘good morning’ and ‘goodnight’ in one language and totally different from knowing a thousand different words. If you do not speak the language at all, then you need a translator.

Have in mind that there are not only beings in that space. There are also entities, which, unlike others, are again translated into anthropomorphic figures with some additional elements (an example is the wings or haloes, etc.) Although such a view is not wrong, the severe researcher must understand that this interpretation is relevant, and he must try to draw the conclusions that are beneficial to him from such a “meeting.”

Before I say more about beings and entities, allow me to talk about the notion of space in which this strange intermediate level of consciousness exists, which for some is called Astral, and is actually here, whatever ‘here’ means. Our journey to it is not a journey through space or time but a journey to another level of consciousness. So it does not take time to get there or travel a distance. All we need is to get into a different state of consciousness. Some yoga exercises or to be more precise, a good meditation, helps us get through there.

Is this necessary?

Yes and no. If our desire relies purely on curiosity, NO. Curiosity is, by default, a process that binds the mind and forces it to use specific groups of synapses, so the information we carry will be erroneous. If the reason is different, the results will be different. Do not ask me what the other reasons might be, look for them, and I’m sure you will find the right answer.

Let’s talk about a specific category of entities that concern us, and that is recorded in the memory of humans. Do we know the difference between a being and an entity? I assume the concept of being is well known. The entity now is something different. An entity is a set of units that function as one, regardless of whether its members are scattered. A hive, for example, is an entity. This, of course, has to do solely with the continuity that characterizes us. 

However, some entities operate beyond the standard and have, according to my humble opinion, the possibility to move on multiple conscious levels.

The most serious of such entities, which many psychics perceive and which does NOT have individual bodies, and is not limited to here and now, are all kinds of angels. You may wonder what I mean with “all kinds.” I would personally call this entity Angel-demons. It is what our ancient ancestors used to call Daemons, and have as subcategories the Gracious and the Damned.

Since I plan to write about their possible assistance in the following “dessert” article, let’s just say a few things about them.

These two groups are the two sides of the same coin. One side, the one of the Angels, is represented by the Corona/Crown of the coin. It is the face that is turned towards the Divine, toward the One. The other, represented by the Letters, face creation and does what it can to maintain it. The whole entity is characterized by the immediate communication of its members and, of course, what distinguishes it is the causality. It obeys to absolute laws and can not, in any way, function differently. 

Whatever my good friends have to say about this subject, if someone invokes an angel for treatment and his invocation is heard (?), the unit that will intervene is that of a therapist angel rather than an angel fighter (e.g., the Archangel Michael). 

So beware of what you call, when you name it, and why you do.

This entity is the firstborn of the parable of the prodigal son. The good God highly appreciates it, although He slaughtered the calf for the prodigal, which is no other than the human being. You see, he recognizes his need to become an individual and move away from the core to win his personality. 

He is the One that, after wandering through creation, will return to the bosom of divinity, offering the knowledge of I AM to the Supreme Authority. The Angel-demons never left since they express the ultimate causality.

Anyone who can communicate with this entity -I refer only to the subset of angels, the demons have a mind of their own – probably gets enough useful information as far as he can decipher them. You see, when the good old Testament God wanted to say something to his chosen ones, he used to send more than one angel. Each of them can only carry one piece of the information, and only the combination of all made sense. What conclusions do those who communicate with them, draw? Ask them, they are better suited to answer you. For me, the Angels help in these processes is different. I shall refer accordingly to my next article, the dessert.

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