Astral state and… the dessert at last!

This time I will start adding a parenthesis as a general question: Why are those fracking quotes so catchy? How did fast-food manage to rule even the brain? No need to answer, it is a simple rhetorical question, if you want, just think about it and act accordingly.

Time for dessert!

Every dessert starts with a reference on the courses that have been priorly served. Therefore I too shall begin with what I consider the most comprehensive point of my whole effort, understanding the concept of individuality.

Since the divine spark is characterized by the adjective’ divine,’ it can ONLY be of the same nature that represents the divinity, which for me, is the One. From this alone comes the conclusion that it is neither its child nor any other unit because then the deity would not be the One but a single group within the One. The divine spark is, therefore, merely one of the faces of this absolute Unit.

If I had to choose an image for the previous article, I would select a beam of light that passes through a prism and diffuses. Is there a more straightforward way to show what I think? This is precisely the function of the Monads’ expression. It spreads in the Creation not as distinct individualities but as different personalities.

The same happens with Creation. It is the prism, as just another expression of the same principle. Due to the nature of its properties, it gives us the sense of its individual elements as if they are atoms or to say it better as if they are individualized units. In essence, however, it does not cease to be a single dynamism structured in such a way that preserves the form relativities.

On this first Creation, comes the following expression always from the same divinity, as a second creation, or else as a spiritual creation, to diffuse the quintessence of the quest. This divine spark will spread over many levels of consciousness until it reaches our own form of relativity. Everything shows that its journey down here is over, and it begins its way back as a Hyper (Essence) Ego.

Before I finish this report, I would like to note that all the related articles have nothing to do with the well-known “Bible of the Dead.” Actually, they are thoughts that have to do with the Bible of the Living. A better title is that of The Book of Life. We are not studying the beyond, the next level of existence, etc., to waste our time but to learn to live better in the relativity that characterizes our present effort. That’s all.

I will refer to something especially interesting for those who tend to visit places in Beyond. Inside this reality exist various entities that operate according to the laws that characterize them. The most important of them, which is not found only in that space, since it can overcome the notions of space and time, is that of Angels – of all the colors and parties.

As they are an entity with supreme causation, they can and act in many ways. I will focus on one of their actions, on that of protection. I am not referring to the childlike narrations of the protector angel that helps a needy person pass the street. I refer to the stability that a possible intervention can offer to a human and which, of course, has to do with the distinct tone of the angels’ vibes.

A lot can be said about how such a process can be accomplished, but all are personal approaches. So this, in my own opinion, which I do not ask you to adopt, and I am quite happy to hear if you have a better one. 

The concept has to do with the possibility of protection that is obtained through the coordination or induction of the dynamism of a group of the angelic entity with the dynamism of the one who asks it. The power we invite to come and feed the ‘primary’ torso of the coil – for the somewhat connoisseurs of electricity – is extreme. We are standing on the other end. There is NO WAY of direct contact. If it existed, all people would be able to feel their presence at all times, and somehow be able to ‘see’ them. This is not possible as any reasonable man can understand.

So what is the conclusion?

A man, by activating his will, can enter into a state where he can pulsate in one of the harmonic frequencies of the angelic group he invokes. KEY CONDITION is the existence of the iron core that acts as an intermediary. That is the part that accepts the intensity of the angel and turns it into a vibration that can be understood by the poor man who is sightseeing in the space beyond, and which of course, without realizing it, is the one that protects him in his travels.

Chaos exists once again in the terminology of the names given to the kernel. God only knows how many names we use for it! Each esoteric school has a name of its own. All they do, however, is to invoke a personality from the immediately higher level of consciousness to play the role of the kernel. They call him the “Higher Self” and think it is enough. They believe they communicate with the resident of the penthouse, who is more precious than them, and therefore owns a satellite tv set.

I will not refer to the effects of such acts of frivolity. Most end up with severe psychoses. Take, for example, all the psychics, the coffee tellers, and other similar individuals and examine their mental health. Good Lord.

I think I wrote enough already, whoever wants to find out more, there are resources in various recordings. From there on, God helps you.

Not to be misunderstood, I do not refer to all of those involved in the subject. I was fortunate enough to meet a severe scholar and learn a lot from him but unfortunate as well to meet many others who considered it a game – and paid the freight expensively.

This is the way of communicating with them and not a possible vociferation of a mantra that most of the time, we are unaware of how it works. Beware, it is quite naïve to consider that if there was for once success, it is a result of such an approach.

The effort, therefore, to visit the space beyond, and whatever this implies, REQUIRES protection from those forces of Creation that can without risk pass through these spaces. The causation power of the Angels is one of them. The way to invoke them, what we have to do, and the rest is a different story. Angelology is booming in our days. Most people say whatever comes into their mind, but there are also insightful who know more. The thing is that they don’t say much, and they are even more sparing in their actions. I guess they know better.

There is one thing for sure, we will all visit the space of beyond at least once, I think you understand when. Knowing a few things about it is not bad. At least, it will help us understand the script of a mystical writer, M. Sadhu, who noted that the best preparation for the afterlife is to live LIFE aright.

This can be accomplished only if we understand what the purpose of a man is, what has been offered to him to manage this time – the life that is – and finally to understand what things are of real value.

Happy digestion, and good luck on whatever you do..

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