On Creation and the allegedly “Astral”… (Hors d’oeuvres)

There are many things I do not understand, what can I do? I have only one mind, and for many of my friends, it operates with burned flanges. Fortunately, this does not prevent me from trying to figure out the bizarre things I am listening and reading, as an amateur Esoterist.

The subject is Creation and the so-called Astral plane. This Astral plane has nothing to do with stars or constellations, and I have no idea why they named it like that. But even if the writer doesn’t agree, if the godfather wishes it, my dear Christ, you too have to walk wearing red shoes (for those who know the relative joke).

So let’s start with the idea of Creation.

It is quite common nowadays, to place under the idea of parallel universes, anything we don’t seem to fully understand. Your interlocutor simply mentions, “It is a matter of a Parallel universe” and sends you packing.

There is no such thing as a parallel universe, at least the way they mean it. From the moment it’s UNIVERSE (ΣΥΝ-ΠΑΝ in Greek means all that exists), the idea of parallelism is gone. Unless we do not know what the word Universe means. The universe is one, and the only retrograde I can accept is that it can contain different things in it. Creation is, as a general concept, once again only One, unless we mistakenly refer to each one of the outcomes that it brings to the existence, as Creation. Although these are the creation-products, which is acceptable as an expression and I use them from time to time. What we see now or even better what we understand is the Cosmos, and it is wrong to put these three meanings into one. So we have an idea that is Creation, a Universe that is its expression and at least one Cosmos (world) that is within the universe.

There might be -please be really careful in what I say- in the universe, many worlds and probably some of them could be parallel.

“So, my dear friend, one might ask, what on earth do you mean?”

I refer to the obvious. Parallel means the one who follows a parallel course, and it does not imply a mirror state. Therefore the program that our world uses as software could be followed by other worlds. I imagine you know the word, although in this case, I refer to the archetypal laws and not to their results. The result that occurs to one program when applied to one material is different than when expressed in another.

Why, for God’s sake, would in some other world a poor writer sit in his office and write the same subject? Whether or not he’s blonde is of little importance. For me, even the idea of having identical worlds with small variations is just nonsense and is only suitable for a novel. Don’t tell me that the divine sparks of that world are ours because although all the sparks have the same origin, they have a different individuality when expressed in the Universes. Oh, shoot, without being my intention, I too referred to different Universes.

Let’s clear things up a bit because the few readers that have read so far will be confused. They will stop reading and will take a look at some goodnight posts in the book of visage, aka Facebook.

We have a world – this is what the scientists say – that contains one spiritual and one material creation. They both have many grades. For the material level, this is easily understood, although it can not be demonstrated in the laboratory. What happens with spiritual thought? Just keep in mind that its stages are only levels of consciousness. So simple. 

I have written in other articles that when the spiritual consciousness of the creatures in the material plane reaches a certain level, the divine spark is installed in them. Then and only then, this creature is called Human. Place this view on the panspermia of the galaxies and the forms that are born in the different systems, and you will understand the dynamics this creature holds.

Regarding now the human being, whether you like it or not, whatever is born on this planet, is a product of this planet. And from this planet starts the divine sparks’ journey that leads him in the upgrade of his consciousness. Many mistakes can be avoided. If we grasp this simple truth. Our life here, or better our birth here, is THE FIRST STEP in the evolutionary course of spiritual Creation.

There comes a time theoretically when the conditions he has created in his life will allow him to ascend to the next level of consciousness. For some, it is possible, though difficult, to intuitively see this level. That doesn’t mean that those who intriguingly see this level can sleep and imagine whatever they desire. Through a mediumistic process, they reach the edges of this plane and sneak peek into the small overlap that exists between the two levels.

This higher level is not a level of more dimensions, and it is wrong to call it in ways that only messes up with the scholars’ idea on things.

Of course, we are talking about a physical level of different texture, which is suitable to accommodate the upgraded human being. It again brings up the upgraded divine spark that this time has come or returned from his journey of the level we are living in. As for the texture of this material, it is based on the same archetypal laws that are expressed in different raw materials.

All these are always found in the same Cosmos. The main reason is that there can not be a shift of the divine spark into another set. The only way to connect the worlds is likely through the medium that created them, which is, by definition, very high in the evolutionary chain. 

So, the course is set from our level to another level of both matter and spirit. And this other level allows only the person who accomplished this journey to somehow get there.

The process of passing through requires there as conception the death here. Also, like pregnancy, the passage from the space – poetically expressed- between the two levels, and finally the birth there, whatever that word means at that level.

The place, therefore, where pregnancy takes place is the famous astral plane of the esoterics or the space that the mediums see, and sometimes they manage to visit.

You have been served the Hors d’oeuvres. Soon the main dish will follow with ingredients that refer to the astral plane composition – if that is ever possible!- and of course to its function as well as its inhabitants. Yes, you read correctly, its inhabitants.

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