Astral level and Universal Psyche? I don’t understand! (Main Course)

I wish this were our only concern! I will make an effort, though, putting aside what I have read, to set a basis with what I have figured out. We come to the conclusion that there is a space between here and beyond, it is a logical outcome, in which these two states of consciousness coexist.

The first difficulty that emerges from the very beginning is the approach of beyond as a consciousness level. I would blithely say that since it is part of the same set of creation, its approach can only be a pure matter of consciousness. I have personally accepted that there, as well as here, will exist a different form that, as a component, can only consist of spirit, matter, and soul that can operate in that environment. However, this set, which composes once again a peculiar form, can only perceive the situation there through the state of awareness that characterizes it.

I will not claim in any way that this article is easy to understand, but I cannot explain it more straightforward. I will go one and see how it goes.

I think there is a permanent confusion by now on what the esotericists call a “universal soul” and the commonplace of the two conscious states. These, for me, are two totally different things. Those who claim that they take astral journeys do not actually leave their individual souls and swim in the universal one. They just exploit the cosmic currents (spirit-soul-matter) and either see the intermediate space or they manage to get in, with the risk of getting trapped in there. From the moment the individual consciousness escapes from the individuality that characterizes its principles, it ceases to exist. It becomes a drop in the ocean of the universal soul, without having the possibility of a recurrence. 

Regarding protection technics and relative opinions on that, it is a totally different subject which is impossible to approach, especially in this article. I would just like to point out that most of what is written and said about the matter is literally mumbo jumbo. The only journeys made in most cases, are in a dreamy situation that characterizes only the traveler and take place solely in his mind.

Let’s go on because if I get into this, I have no idea how to get out! A small intervention is necessary, however. Even in our wildest dreams, we can’t see something that is not somehow familiar to us. External or internal incentives must locate in our brains’ library some familiar “entry” to identify what they perceive. I will go no further because I find this subject terribly exciting, and there is a chance to deviate.

So, what exactly will see a person, when, either through a meditative effort or through a mediumistic one, manages to reach this space? Neither God himself knows. It depends on the person, on how his mind translates the vibes that dominate in that space.

But this place is no other than what almost everyone describes as a Purgatory. The common term is Hell, but not as a place of forgiveness. Nothing is excused there but as a place of deconstruction and purification of the constituents of the beings. This is the process that the clairvoyances of all kinds perceive and of course, visualize.

What kind of image can a deformation have, though? How about the famous one of zombies? Expected. It is apparently the image of the decompositions’ vibes of the material elements, i.e., their deformation and their restoration in material form. How about the vibes of the emotions? Something similar occurs once again. Fears, malice, passions, along with all other inferior feelings will be visualized, and corresponding vibes will overwhelm the fool who entered this adventure. He will feel what he ‘sees,’ and since these vibes resemble sounds, he will rather ‘hear’ shrieks, noises, etc.

Someone might reasonably ask: How about the pleasant feelings, what is the case with those? Those, in turn, will be beautiful colors and harmonious sounds. What makes you think, though, that the amount of these is sufficient to overturn the overall picture? Humanity has a long way to go before the noble emotions overcome the filth and stench people carry in their souls.

The same goes for spirituality.

The images, therefore, that will be formed as well as the similar feelings that will be born to the traveler are rather tragic and abhorrent and standoff from the images of beauty and harmony. Perhaps that’s why the paintings of Renaissance describing Hell are so gloomy. There is no point in naming these purification processes since every pathetic researcher gives a name of his own. Not to mention the trapped souls who drag their existence into a desperate effort of cleansing, and who remain there, pulling the chains they forged by themselves.

This space has one more dimension, the one beyond which also includes this interval. This, however, is not a state of death but of birth. I will say a few things about that before I conclude this article, where I will refer to as the “Divine Spark” to be conceivable.

The Divine Spark is not a state of individuality but of personality. By definition, divinity cannot be broken, so individuality is excluded. 

What I believe is that on the level of consciousness we live, an expression of divinity embodies our form as an Ego of a superior state, that is, the “Hyper Essence Ego.” This is the Divine Spark, and that is what inspires us on the road to Reconciliation. But to accomplish that, we must in our life give it the knowledge of individuality. The “Hyper Essence Ego” needs this knowledge to continue its ascendant course. The lesson that is required is one and only, the knowledge of individuality and not the individuality itself. In simple words, it is the knowledge of I AM, and it is the passport for continuity.

This Hyper Essence state is the ultimate outcome of the death process. What happens if the information cannot be crystallized? Absolutely nothing. It was always part of a Unit, and it will continue to be so since it failed to go on his way, it will return to the same effort. Not as a unit that will incarnate again – it is not a unit – but as a new state of divinity that will embody a whole new form of life.

 Its unblocking will take place when its coats are given back to their principles. Then it will either continue to the next level of consciousness, or it will go back to its original state.

Is it possible that neither will occur? Well, apparently, it seems that this is possible too. To stay trapped in the middle space inside a shell that once was a human being.

I will conclude my article with a parenthesis. 

The great souls, when subjected to the process of purification, succeeded in improving somehow this intermediate state. Theoretically, at least, one of them consented to stay there for a long time and help those souls. I am referring to Jesus, this information, of course, cannot be confirmed, so it’s up to you to accept it or not. What he accomplished, according to the esoterics, was to release the Divine Sparks from the shells of those who had been condemned to eternal exile.

The main course is served. I hope you find it easy to digest before moving on to the next meal.

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