Let’s bare our souls and see where it will get us to!

The man has a mania: Although he is diligent, he is trying to catch his right ear with his left hand. What I mean is that even the simplest thing has to turn into a complicated problem to be satisfactory. Everything must be complex. That’s what everyone does, depending on their profession, of course. First and best, the professional metaphysics. Next, in line, the scientists, and we, the ordinary people, follow.

Metaphysics and scientists have cut us in pieces and proudly sell their merchandise. You are your thoughts, you are your mind, you are your soul, you are your body, you are the memories and so many others that I can’t help but remember Souri, (a Greek poet) that was shouting: Among so many craps, take a crap yourself.

My preferred idea is that everything is ONE and only, that out of necessity, is expressed in a variety of ways. ONE. Do you want to call this One energy? It is your right. Say it as you wish, but there is only ONE thing behind the name you will give it.

“But man, I can feel, and I also can love!”

Well, let me take your body away or your mind and see if you can love or even function. 

If you’re not One, there is no point in anything. That is why you have to take care of all the functions of this One. Do me a favor, and don’t be quick to answer that meditation is the ability to send the soul… or whatever you imagine, far away. Because if while you are lying down or sitting or generally relaxing, I come with a machete and cut off your head–along with it goes the meditation and any walk you had taken, far beyond.

Please be careful. I didn’t say that man can not meditate, I only meant that at that moment, the One that constitutes him, begins a process in which it suspends some of his functions and gives its attention to the possibility expressed through the task of meditation.

Since all are different functions of this One, it is possible to communicate with each other. The fact that as humans, we are symbiotic creatures does not negate our Unitary origin. The individual functions have the potential to produce new functional levels, et cetera. Thus, from One, Two was born so that together, they would make Three and on and on.

At this point, two views stand out in general. One assumes that this total, which is called Human Being, is that and nothing more. It is a multi-dimensional co-operation of the states of the One that begins in birth and ends in death. If you wish to believe that it is your prerogative, and there is not much to say. No one can prove you either wrong or right for that matter. 

There is though another idea of which I am even a devotee, one might say. When One realized the complexity of its unfolding, it decided to exploit it. So it projected itself in the final result, making this latter the vehicle of understanding this complexity.

At this point, the metaphysics presented their own story. This projection is the soul of the man. Some occultists cry that this is his spirit while the devotees of the other view couldn’t help but try to persuade as many as possible that even this projection is merely a different state of the One.

I will agree with you, my friends, but it is different from having a total by itself on the tenth level -for example-, and utterly different if at that level where all the processes are characterized by the ten, to have a quality of One, appearing suddenly out of the blue.

So if you wish to call this soul, spirit, divine spark, superior self, etc., etc., it is not my fault. Just do me a favor and do not load it with all the bullshit of the world. It can not be a good or an evil soul. If such perceptions exist, they make the concept of the soul another process of the tenth level and take away the right to be a direct descendant of the First Authority. Same goes if the spirit is good or bad, because, my dear friends, how is possible something that comes from the One to be good or bad, smart or stupid?

The most appropriate word for this is Divine Spark. It’s not used too much, and that’s why it keeps its meaning.

If you ask what good is the Divine Spark to a snail, I can not answer you. There is this theory that the Divine Spark needs a certain level of consciousness to manifest. It is then that the existence which supports it is called a Human Being.

The Human Being is thus one multifunction of the One in which the Divine Spark has temporarily been installed, showing, among other things, the function of a degree of consciousness.

Are all the bipods of the genus Homo Sapiens people? Not even close.

What is the conclusion? That the origin of man leaves many of you completely indifferent. Luckily not everyone. You might ask, what’s all the fuss? Go out in the night and look at the starry sky. Ask yourself why this beautiful creation was made, and somewhere in the answer is also hidden the purpose that transforms a snail into a human being. Not only on Earth but anywhere in the Universe, the covenant of the One with the result of complexity has been achieved.

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