Do you honestly believe what you say? I asked myself.

Well, to be totally honest, I consider it to be the fuller idea of what a human is and where he is heading. But let’s take it from the start, one step at a time.

As beings, we are part of a set whose edges are not at all defined. This set contains not only the physical perception of things but also the paraphysics, the metaphysics, the transcendent, and recent addition, the quantum view of the whole. And this, more or less, is self-evident. If we wish to stay only on one of its sides, we have only our selves to blame. 

The key to understanding what really happens is understanding the connection between the creator and its creation on the one hand, and the analysis of our qualities on the other.

Let me be clearer. We have two legs to walk and not to lay down and dangle them in the air. Our hands are our tools to catch objects of our habitat (along with their other functions). These were developed through the centuries over some processes to serve us.

Let’s say we understand the issues concerning the natural world, how about the mental attributes?

They’re more or less the same. Instincts, sensations, and feelings are our mental tools to stay alive. Literally. Without instincts, nothing can claim its existence. The human has managed, of course, to distort the functions of both his physical and his mental tools. This is a different thing, though than their original function. The same goes for our spiritual tools.

After everything that has been said so far, we have a reliable outcome: We know how to walk, which leads us to the conclusion that by using our legs (or a substitute like a vehicle, we can travel long distances.

Why then the human thought cannot decode its own domains? Why are some ideas about the continuity of life unrealistic? If we subtract from them the spiritual exaggeration, aren’t we left with a primary build that could be real, although it is difficult to produce? Why, must we throw away a whole pack of concepts just because some of them cannot be interpreted only by physical terms?

For me, the ability of a man to capture the continuity of existence is good enough to accept that there is truth behind it. This is, moreover, the reason for the presence of our principles. If we had to fly, we would have wings. Of course, there is much to be explained. The human mind simply shows the path.

There is one more aspect that deserves to be mentioned in more detail. It is, as I already wrote, the relationship between the creator and the creation. No creation has qualities that cannot be found in the imagination of its creator. Beware, I refer to the qualities and not to their practical applications. The car wheel, for example, contains all the characteristics of the original concept of the wheel but also includes the cogwheel and much more.

We are creations of this beautiful ensemble I described in the beginning. And since this set is multidimensional, it allows us to think that we, the people, have the opportunity to exist in the same way. It remains to discover how, something that cannot be done if we deny this quality’s existence.

Today’s society is doing everything in its power to silence us with false promises that, fortunately, are recorded as non existing in the depths of our minds. Its co-conspirators are all the -isms that are oppressing us.

Back to the original question.

Yes, I believe that human existence does not end so easily. It comes from a dark-to-understand abyss and goes back into a dark for us to comprehend abyss. That does not mean that its course will not go on.

It is the duty of each one of us to change the way of perception of the course and to pass from a simple understanding of the Minds’ functions. For me, according to my Greek origin, the word for the Μind “ΝΟΥΣ” is the container (Y) in which the finite (O) is born (N) as a point (S).

Mind being the supreme intellect that is both the creator and the creation is where lies our own beginning as well as our ending. Not earlier.

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