All kinds of conspiracies and human stupidity

The conspiracies and the human stupidity, walking arm to arm, have come to oppress us since at least conspiracies play a serious role in our lives finally. For human stupidity, there is no need to make the slightest hint. Stupidity lives and reigns and is conquering the whole world. But what happens in reality?

Let’s start with the second. By the word stupidity, I am not referring to the various failures a person does in his life in his attempt to survive. At the same time, he also does multiple acts of wit. But there is an average that generally characterizes him. I would add that the average of earthly humanity and not of individual people, is probably low in the dipole of stupidity-wit.

The result is that this does not allow him to have open horizons in the way his mind is working and falls victim to those who exploit the way the human frame of mind works.

And that is precisely the basis of all the problems. The definition of the word ‘Conspiracy’ in the dictionaries is “The one who conspires against something using hidden and insidious patterns.”

But before I go on, let me answer a question I feel is hanging around. Are there any conspiracies? And in what areas of society?

There are. And I can’t know in which areas they exist because merely I do not have access to the information that characterizes them. But the person I meet on the street and looks at me somewhat strangely is not a member of a conspiracy that either wants to eat me or to experiment with me in its dark plans.

Do they want to control what we eat? I would answer yes, but for purely economic reasons. The substances that many claim to be contained in our foods, I do not think they are capable of making us slaves of Lucifer. He does his job well through the TV channels. Let the fact that he is also a creation of the good God.

Do they want to control what we think? I would also say yes, but again for purely economic reasons. Freedom has an economic impact on those of higher authority, who, for nothing in the world, want to spoil their way of living.

Now for conspiracies with aliens, I don’t know a thing. I read a lot, I see many videos, but all this seems to be a little of scientific imagination. For the existence of aliens, I have no doubt.

If now they see us as food, and if that is the goal of the developed minds of the universe –since it seems that they have solved all the other technological problems, something which can’t be but in line with spiritual evolution- then what can I say? Better for us to be eaten to stop worrying.

And don’t forget that we, the inhabitants of this planet, have begun to be sensitive towards the animals. I expect the citizens of planet Sirius to see us as brothers and not as burgers.

Parenthesis: The diet system has to do with the planetary conditions and not with the nutritional views of the various chefs. Closes the bracket.

And of course, I don’t want to hear of the devil who wants to steal our soul and his brothers, the angels, don’t let him do so. This is the issue of the greatest conspiracy that mankind suffers.

The focus of conspiracies is, therefore, to maintain Power. I write the first letter of the word Power with capital on purpose. Power gives joy to distorted souls (read beings), and for that reason, the conspiracies of the world, are woven into the centers of authority. The baton is taken from there by propaganda. The naively follows, and the relay race closes the human stupidity.

So, to see the reality of the whole process, we have to take the road upside down and remove one after the other, the steps. First, the stupidity, then the naivety, not to stop in propaganda, so to reach to the conspiracy to understand the games of power. 

And the constant question: Let’s say that we have come to the truth of the functioning of today’s society. What are we doing, then? Or better, what can we do then? The until today examples, tell us that in that case, we are transformed in gear of the same machine.

The first thing we have to try to do is not to confuse the divine spark we say is hiding inside us with the processes of life. For me, spiritual functions, mental functions, and physical functions have to do with life itself. Whatever notion of deity or spark exists within them is not personified but diffused in the whole. Body, soul, and spirit have to do with the here and now of the human reality and the form that has been developed into this nothingness of the cosmic universe.

The divine spark that, for me at least, exists in man is something else. It’s what makes him human.

Don’t ask me what this has to do with the primary theme, because it has a great deal to do with it. All these games of conspiracy, real and fantastic, succeed because they take advantage of the human constitution. Information passes through the tangled nets that unite us, and nest in our mental activities. From there, the road is short. Our intellect and our physical functions are as some of my friends say, just a stone’s throw away distance.

I do not propose to stop paying attention to the various conspiracies. On the contrary. We must understand their purpose and act appropriately. And of course to be consistent with our views. For example, if we do not believe in the theory of reincarnation, we can’t hear with devotion to someone who asserts that knowledge is due to this process. In the best case, before we accept his words, let us review our initial view. If we come back again to the fact that this theory does not exist, it is unnecessary to hear the verbiage of anyone.

But again, attention. There is a possibility that his words are right, but he gives them through the wrong channels. Yet, an example. If someone tells you that he has contacted your dead father and gives you some information, -that, in reality, is coming from his coordination with your subconscious-, the data may be correct, but communication with the dead is total nonsense.

In common words, let’s not throw the baby together with the waters of the baptism.

And unfortunately, this makes things even harder. And the game for the keepers is rolling well.

The final conclusion is one and only one. Two fights are fought by any human being. The first is to survive linearly, living in such a complex system that has been built by the hierarchy of mankind. The second to be elevated as a unit and to be identified with the personal spark that animates him.

Both roads are full of obstacles and conspiracies. Finding information behind everything is not only important, but it is also necessary.

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