God, the Wholeness and the… fools encounter!

God and the Wholeness are today’s topic. However, I was never a friend of numerology, so I am not about to start my article with it. The reason is simple. By slightly changing the suffix, you get whatever number you want. If we now only stay in the root – which sounds right to me – maybe we do not have to look back at the numbers that represent it but the letters it encloses. So I stick to the idea included in a word and try to draw my own conclusions.

My subject today is about the idea of God and the Wholeness – and not only – due to my good friend Takis, who managed to put it on the table. It suited me just fine though because, these days, I wanted to write something about the Soul, and I did not get a chance since almost all the posts on the social media are pointless.

The concept of God and the Wholeness, according to Pythagoras – and not only – are friendlies. It’s as if … this ‘if’ hides the whole point. If God is the Latent and the Wholeness is the Manifested, they are not just friendlies but also contiguous, since the Wholeness can only come from the Latent of the Authority. More or less, philosophically or better in esotericism, the notion of Absolute Deity is divided into two, in the Latent Deity and the Manifested.

But isn’t the Manifested in our case one first restriction that necessarily occurs in the undeclared? Isn’t it like a thought born in the mind of the latent deity? The bad thing is that this thought as a whole can only carry the concept of the Absolute Unit (God) and also its own (the reflection of the God) therefore represents a Binary Unit (très chic!)

And from this point forward begins the journey of thought and analysis so that each one of us can understand and explain the different Why’s.

Keep in mind that in all this, there are two trends. One is the movement towards the Unmanifested Deity, and the other is the movement towards the individualization of the Wholeness, that is to say, an effort for the Wholeness to acquire its own finite entity.

I personally witness the first in the spirituality of creation, while the second in materiality – use whatever word you want – again of creation. In other words, the spirit and matter that governs the creation, the Wholeness, are simply the repercussions of these two tendencies.

The “fools encounter” is that each one was going in a different direction, and thus a third principle was born out of this struggle, aiming to maintain consistency. Again you can give it whatever name you want; the most prevalent is the principle of Soul. 

These three principles are those that are prevalent in creation: Spirit, Soul, and Matter. They make forms, they make worlds, they make almost everything. But nothing is anymore a unique production. These three misfortunes – I am obviously joking – are the amalgam of qualities and actions, and you can never find one without the others.

This, in simple terms, is the Triadicity of Creation. Spirit, Soul, and Matter form everything. While their downward course in the Wholeness of Creation reaches at some time the human being.

Giving him three distinct but not absolute forms. His spirit, his Soul, and his Matter, which are simply individualized points of the basic principles.

So Man has an individual spirit, an atomic matter, and a unique soul. And this poor soul has nothing to do with the Soul that everyone wants to dwell in the Elysium. What Elysium and what sort of plots of land exist that so many try to sell as villas waiting for their residents? Prudence! If we lose in this journey the elementary logic, we will end up dreaming of Houris and paradises. Both Paradise and Hell are right here.

…is that all?

No, it’s not, and I need to add this based on my personal opinion. The Wholeness, as a second-class creator, is projected to those beings that are morphologically ready for the return journey and endow them with a new state of perception that, due to its Wholeness origin, cannot be separated from it, therefore cannot be a form but a projection.

Many call it Ego (written with capital E) or Hyper-Ego (more appropriate), and it is that which when the three forms it uses as home split, it will continue the course towards completion.

Where it goes or which new forms it may take, no one knows. When we say no one, we mean no one. Everything is thoughts – most of them occur as a result of the possibility of the human mind to induce conclusions – but that’s all. Any other unexplainable explanations, such as “a little bird told me,” are for the naive or the cunning.

The Human has a spirit with which he thinks and understands, he has a soul with which he senses and a body with which he feels and moves. And above all of them, an Ego that escorts him for as long as he exists. Whatever he does is to give that Ego a lesson. Did the Ego get it? All good. Didn’t it? It is of no importance. The Ego will simply go back and say: Boss, he or she, was really chucklehead. They did not even manage to put their names in the book of life.

Regarding the “other Soul,” the one that walks around as soon as someone dies, I don’t have anything to add, not much I can say. You might ask: Do you know much about the rest?

Do you really want an answer? A little bird told me! Conclusion: God and Wholeness are friendlies concepts. Wholeness and Man are also friendlies concepts. Therefore?

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