Even this One does not exist. (N. Kazantzakis-The Saviors of God)

Even this One does not exist, my dear friend. I wish it were just that! But even if I accept, my dear friend, to take up the gauntlet that you very skillfully threw to me, it still needs a lot of audacity since the above quote belongs, in my opinion, to the most significant thinker, poet, and philosopher of our days. And I call him only a poet and not a writer because his books are not novels, they are poems.

In this respect, there are two words that I personally think we need to understand by ourselves since he is gone, and we cannot ask him. The word ‘One’ and the word ‘exist’ (obviously).

For the first word, I have written a lot in my previous posts. I will only repeat the fact that ONE (Greek EN) has an absolute relationship with Zero (Greek MHΔΕ-ΕΝ). The second, Zero, is the infinite set. The first, ΟΝΕ, is the first set that de facto can only express Zero in its further course, in the process I would say of its appearance. Do not ask me what this appearance may be, no one knows. This, logically and only logically, is the only one that can carry as a dowry the One, if nothing else, because, during that no-time time, there was nothing else but the decision of Zero to become One.

What is Existence?

I borrow the interpretation of the Greek letters by Elias Tsatsomiroros, please note that this is simply my understanding of his scripts. In the Greek language, Existence is written as ΥΠΑΡΧΕΙΝ [YPARCHEIN]. The letter X has to do with chaos (ΧΑΟΣ in Greek), it’s the noise of tearing. The act of chaos is the beginning of Existence. The letter P (Greek R) is the flow, it expresses what came through the schism of chaos. Like what would someone ask? Like A, like a man (The word Man in Greek is written as ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΣ). The idea of man is what has come from chaos.

And this flowing force passed through the gate, Π (ΠΥΛΗ in Greek), and gathered in the bowl, Y, as a living reality. Existing, therefore, is the idea of the Human who passes the Gate of Chaos and embodies the world. In Genesis, God asks Adam to give names to everything.

Existence: The process of the flowing arrival of the idea of “human” through the Gate that Chaos creates into the particular container that can preserve it as a unit.

I think you understood though that the concept of Being or Existing, which from the Greek grammatical interpretation is connected with the idea of Human, surpasses the appearance of Homo whatever, and becomes synonymous with the concept of the creator of the second order.

For me, the poet tells us that the One which emerged from Zero is not a reality that is subject to the interpretation of Existence. The completed person has to pass three stages. The first is to admit that only HE and God exist. It places both himself and God as two totals inside Existence. The second is to realize that these two subsets are the same thing. And the third and most important is that what he regarded as a subset of the One, goes far beyond it and is lost in the power of Zero. I would say, although it is a risky statement, that he comes to the conclusion that the original purpose of the One is the concept called Human.  Good luck with that.

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