God is talking only in my sleep… to me!

Are you serious? Are you gonna talk again about dreams? As a friend of mine wrote, according to a Greek saying: if you don’t like it, take your bucket and go play at another beach. Actually, we are all holding a bucket, going from one beach to another. Surrounded by all these fancy flyers advertising some kind of new playground for you and your bucket. Leaflets are full of interesting quotes, which I think are trolling us. He said that the other said this, only God knows what the actual truth is. So I go back to the fact of my dream and whoever wants, may believe it.

I was attending an event honoring a man who had suffered a heart attack that affected all his right side. He stood up to take his award with a cordial smile, and then I got up and said: “The scientific community that follows him is ready to solve the problem. We only need three people to believe in God. Anyone who wants to take part, please say so.”

It was almost dawn when a young boy appeared and told me: Come on; they want you. 

I ran behind him while he drove me down a green hill. There, he stopped close to some plants. I sat among the plants –not that kind of “grass”– and saw three guys sitting beside me. The first one was smiling, the second was blind, and the third was sitting further away. We started talking, and I tried to describe how I imagine God, to check if we all agree.

After a while I woke up and looked at my clock, to find out it was nearly dawn. 

“You better sleep again otherwise tomorrow you won’t be able to keep your eyes open,” I said to myself but couldn’t fell asleep, so I started thinking about my dream, adding the necessary “sauce” we easily put in our dreams while trying to explain what we have seen. That way, the dream became somewhat longer than clearer and eventually drove me to sleep.

In the morning, I tried to write it down, but I swear to God, the actual dream and the added “sauce” became one. I am writing the few bits that I can recall, with a lot of reservations.

My God is standing too high, too right, far left, and far below. He doesn’t really care about the location because he is wherever he wants to be. My God is also in the past, present, and future, and that’s why time does not matter to him. Actually, he doesn’t give a dime for anything. I asked someone who apparently was answering on his behalf,  whether He would feel anything when after many many years Andromeda galaxy would swallow up our galaxy and the answer was He couldn’t care less, the most He would do is a burp, and everything would cool down.

My God is neither a man nor a woman, and when I asked him if he had a son, he laughed and said: How could I give birth and what for? When I asked about the rest of his family, he did not even dignify it with an answer. 

My God is not interested in either love or hate. He does not care about the truth, lies, justice, injustice, war, or peace, he does not care about anything. And when I finally took the courage to ask him how is that possible, he replied, “I am God!”

I stopped and thought for a while about what I had heard. Strangely enough, the only thing that bothered me was what he told me about his son, so I asked him again.

“If you need me to have a son, okay,” he replied, “I have no objection, but I draw the line to the white beard concept or even worse if you add some kind of music organs down there. Okay, for the son, but without the accessories. Are you pleased now? But may I ask you something? Why aren’t the actions and philosophy of that man enough for you? Why you consider a father-son relationship an upgrade for him?”

What could I say to that?! However, I confess it made me think twice, so I decided to ask for something different. 

“How about us? What is our role down here?”

“You? Who are you?”

“We, the People!”

“I do not understand “you” or the “down there” part.”

“Down, as a location identification.”

“There is no down or up, so rephrase if you want an answer.”

“Are you aware of us, the people?”

“Should I?”

“But aren’t you the one that created us?”

“Me? I created nothing. Why would I? What’s the purpose?”

Wow! I thought, that’s a tough one. But I decided to go on anyway in a last attempt to get something out of it.

“But I’m here, standing in front of you, talking to you! Don’t I exist?”

“How can I answer that you have everything somehow mixed up in your mind? Don’t you understand claiming that you are in front of me is insane? Since you call me the Almighty Present and fulfilling everything, how can I stand in front of you? You say you are talking to me. Do you mean that you’re communicating with me? That’s unheard of!”

“But don’t I exist?”

“How do I know? Do you?”

“Dear God, you drive me crazy. Do you mean that the “Cretan” was right when he wrote that even this One does not exist?”

“Are you talking about Kazantzakis?”

“Do you know him?”

“I know them all, but that does not change the meaning of being.”

“I am confused. I think it’s in my best interest to stop. Any last advice, in the bottom line, we are having a discussion in my dream.”

“Nope, but if you want to sum it up, think that I am here, in any way you can understand it, and you are me, where you say you are, again in any way you understand it. All the rest, love, hate, good, bad, truth, lies, characterize your own perception, obviously for some reason. Look into that, and have a good day!”

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