We deliver the goods! Something for everyone, we have heaven, and we have hell!

Come on, give it a try! Get bang for the buck, heaven or hell!

Let’s get serious now, there is no Paradise nor Hell. Whoever dies is dead for good. Maybe he strolls around for a while, unknown where, and then, he shows up for his final transfer.

“I don’t know how I spend my life, my friend,” he says, wanting to change Saint Peters’ mind – by the way we have to consider that there was another doorman before him since that door existed from the beginning of time – “but I have a list with a thousand signatures of my fellow humans that are forgiving me. May I pass?”

Saint Peter, like his former predecessor, would respond in a calm a bit bass voice in a very intellectual tone,

“Since I know how you spend your life, I have some news for you. I don’ t give a shit about your list. You are screwed, so hit the road!”

“Does that mean I will go to Hell?” the ignorant man continues.

“If you find it somewhere, send me the address.”

“It’s not Paradise here?”

“Here, we go again! Which paradise or hell are you talking about? Here is the point where you pass on another dimension of consciousness.”

“And if I have failed?”

“Back to zero. Do you know zero?”

“Zero, as we mean zero?”

“No, zero as raw material for fertilizers.”

“But I dealt with the Knowledge of oneself.”

“You read, but you didn’t learn about oneself, I am not sure you even know how to spell it.”

“But it is written in the Delphi Oracle!”

“And that did not ring any bells to you?”


“Because everything there was written a bit ambiguously.”

That dialogue could go on indefinitely, but usually, the doorman yells ‘next one please’ and sends you away.

So why then all these wishes like “Heaven Awaits” for those who depart? We should use wishes with meaning, such as Do not drink from the fountain of oblivion or Be careful, voyeurism is forbidden!

You might think after reading all this that I don’t believe in Christ. No, I’m not one of those. Christ, as an idea as well as a being, embraces heroism that can not leave you unmoved. He did and said a lot. But if we do not understand the depth of his words, it is then that we become antichrists.

The Crucifixion and Resurrection that follow are not the whole course of a man to theosis. It represents the struggle given by the everyday man to reach the resurrection state with as few errors as possible.

Beware, do not confuse Resurrection with Ascension. The course towards theosis only ends when the individual succeeds to pass through the passage of the resurrection. And, of course, not in another material dimension but in another transcendent aspect, in another level of consciousness. You see, even in the religions, the so-called Mysteries are not one or two, but Seven, the first one being the Baptism.

Let’s go back to what we were saying. What was our topic? I do not know! Our subject is something that should interest everyone, and not just me or the ones who are sailing in the wrong direction. That does not mean that because the subject of the afterlife should be number one in our priorities agenda, that we shouldn’t be concerned with other issues – such as the political and the social system that the man has developed. NO. And of course, my own ‘NO’ written with capital letters, is not detached from my first opinion. Only a society that is correctly structured and works on Ethics and Justice can prepare its members for whatever follows.

The misfortune is that these two must take place at the same time. The review of social change should be made together with the effort to understand existential matters. If, in any of these two, you miss the other, you end up in a deadlock. Generally speaking, you are fucked.

Then man either ends up as an amoralist and a nihilist of the worst kind with the sole aim of what to eat, drink, etc., or someone who is totally indifferent to everything else than his soul – God have mercy! They both will get flushed. The creation overcomes the idiots and the selfish because mankind is merely a part of it, and as part of this whole, it is obliged to carry the elements of creation. It must, therefore, fulfill its purpose.

Do not ask me what the purpose of humanity is. I know only that it is not the destruction of the environment, the oppression of man by man, violence, amoralism, the doctrines of all pure-race breeds, and all that nullify the dignity in the name of a without sense sensuously life.

Unfortunately, the greatest possible damage that politicos of all categories accomplish – politicians, scientists, priests (only when they act as politicos) – is to deprive people of the possibility to think and find their own way. They project their views as established reality, they convince that they are where they are, placed by God himself, the Fate, the Devil, or whomever they see fit. Which God? God does not exist either as a Being or as an Entity, only the Divine does, which is a whole other thing. And those who state they are theists – me, for example, – do not mark with their view an unknown God but a transcendent state of being.

Someone might think that they will be forgiven. In their dreams only! The greatest sin is that of provocation. Depriving others of the possibility of finding their way by filling their heads with false ideas is the sin that at least Christians report as a sin against the Holy Spirit. And since the Holy Spirit is one option of the Homoousios Trinity, they better take it into serious consideration and not just cross themselves or spend their days celebrating the saints.

Whatever our ancient ancestors, the famous philosophers, and the rest had to say about this subject, it is of no importance to me. I want when the time comes, and I am faced with the oral exams to be able to say: I reached this point because, in my life, I followed the path that was based on my own views. My opinion is…

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