The human three bodies!

Believe me, when I started writing about the human three bodies, the last thing that crossed my mind was Liu Cixin’s book “The Three-Body Problem”. The novels are delightful and their film adaptation is even better, but our problem with the three bodies is completely different. At this point, our personal path is the most crucial issue to focus.

The first thing that must be understood is that everything we said in our recent posts, i.e. adversities and opposites, fight a battle of their own for what we call the emotional world or otherwise the soul. Soul, in its overall total, is one of the three forms that every human being has on a personal level. Each human has a physical, a mental form, and a spiritual form. It is inside the second form that the sexual confusion occurs, along with many other ideologies, which many try to shift in the material form. The results are well known and need not be mentioned. This is not the purpose of this post. Fortunately, in the spiritual form, things are rather indifferent. There the ideas genesis etc., need no act of fertilization. In the material form finally, everything has been stabilised for centuries.

We have dealt with this subject before, but let’s take a closer look at the three forms, which many times, and for justifiable reasons, we refer to as bodies. The main reason is because the concept of the body embraces a set of processes that are limited by the boundaries set by the body that encloses them. Whether they are referred to as bodies or as forms, they do not cease to be states of the same thing, which basically characterizes a unity in life.

The human condition can be determined by its individual elements only in cases of study. It is a dynamic whole regardless of whether it can occasionally survive without some of the subsets that define it. It can live with one kidney, one arm, and without several other organs that we don’t have to list. The human entity lives even with transplants of some organs. This does not mean that these organs operate independently. Existence assimilates and integrates them into its own whole.

This is very clear as far as the material body is concerned. We know it because modern scientists have proven it. But doesn’t the same thing occur with the mental body as well? It does exactly the same. Spending time with individuals who have mental illness will undoubtedly have a profound impact on you. The mental body is like an inductive coil that transfers whatever the primary circuit receives to the secondary. Imagine that the primary is the soul fluids of the people we associate with and the secondary is our own soul form.

In our spiritual body, the alteration from the environment is clear. “Your teacher determines your lessons,” as popular wisdom suggests. Makes you wonder why we choose to have all the morons and the mentally ill leading our society…

Let’s continue with the body of the soul since this is the most vulnerable and is the one that suffers the most injuries from the environment. First, we should note that, as a function, it has a direct relationship with the corresponding body of creation since it is fed by it. Put differently, the soul’s cosmic body, along with its surroundings, affects it.

That’s where all the confusion is occurring. It is there that the forces of chaos and disorder struggle with those of order. That we as humans have given them forms does not change the essence of the dispute. We refer to the forces of order as the angelic world, while those of disorder as demonic.

I will use these terms to help us understand what’s really going on. These forces are adverse forces. In other words, as one increases, the other decreases. The more order, the less disorder. In simple terms, we don’t have a hundred angels on one side and a hundred devils on the other. We have a hundred mixed units that make up the soul body of creation. The final stage will be one or the other. Either the forces of chaos or those of order will prevail.

In terms of the human body, where does this happen? In its soul form, or as we commonly refer to, in the heart. So simple. What is happening there? One hell of a mess. The worst thing is that society tries to institutionalize soul acts. And in some extreme cases, it should do so. People who are governed by their passions should not have the freedom to act without limits. However, there is a distinction between the two: legislating the detail of an average function. 

Something similar exists in a sensitive area of ​​life, in the behavior of love. Choosing a love partner should not be a taboo. But there are limits. Consent is a basic necessity, and of course not interpreted by anyone, but by a mentally healthy society. There is no need to go into details, that is not my purpose. I simply want to explain that the form of the soul is the one that humanity is struggling for. Struggling to balance it. If we resemble the form of the soul form with the physical one, we would not see two people alike. We would have people walking around with three legs, one eye, and every other deformity you can imagine.

Our focus should be on gradually studying the soul body of creation. If we think about its functions, we will draw correct conclusions about the effort we must make as individuals in order to shape our soul form properly.

It is in there that adversity functions and oppositions are first expressed and it is this strange duality that we must understand. To make it even more clear, we must allow opposed ideas and concepts to fertilize. In the adverse case, we better help dominate the ones that resemble order. Be careful though, if something is very strong within us, it is better not to ostracize it at once, but first to balance it and, step by step, after examining it, act in a way that minimizes it.

I’m limited in my openness due to the personal nature of everything, including childhood traumas and more. We should not be captive, though, to all the prejudices, barbaric customs, and formalities that suffocate our souls.

Our first goal should be to eliminate all the falsehoods we carry and prioritize authenticity, step by step. Only then we will be able to see with a clear vision within us and recognize the battle of adversity powers. Unfortunately, recognizing it is not always easy. Don’t forget that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. Hate is the adverse of love.

And this is the way.