Is karma the same as destiny? Is there anything else? What about the pattern of life? Oh, no… additional headache!

How can we not make matters worse? Someone states: I do not believe in karma. And almost immediately after he talks about the lessons of life you have to learn. Why in God’s name, does my neighbor collect all the comfortable experiences, and I am left with the ones that rip me to pieces?

“It is a matter of destiny,” claims the  Greek-scholars.

Let’s start with the dictionary – not the common one – but that of the Epitome of the Great Dictionary of the Ancient Greek Language of the H.G. Liddell & R. Scott. That one states: Destiny, ancient Greek: destined, “what is already presumed, by fate, to happen.” Expressions: you cannot escape from your destiny. And next to that: fate, past tense of a verb that in Greek means ‘I get my share.’ The Moirae (fates) are spinning the thread of destiny.

Well, with such dictionary quotes, we ended up not only writing but also speaking in Greeklish! Karma, quickly said, easily understood.

But ‘karma’ presupposes that you carry something from before, from a previous life. Have you done something stupid back then? You will pay for it now. And since, you are gonna pay it dearly in this life, in the next life, you will be given a comfortable lifestyle to rest and repeat the same mistakes [usually those who have everything tend to make the most stupid mistakes]. Que sera, sera… don’t you think that idea is full of holes?

The ancient Greeks expressed it differently. When the child was born, the Moirae were spinning out the thread of his life. Unfair, but right. For example, if a baby has in his DNA elements that the Moirae could read, they, relatively easily, identified the way he would follow.

In this case, however, there is no prehistory. History is written as a tendency from the moment of birth, and the influences each individual accepts have to do with his family’s standards and the way he is educated.

If we want to clarify these concepts, it is sufficient to remember that: Destiny has to do with laws concerning man and his action in creation, while Fate has to do with the operation of the Universal Spiritual Forces. There is also the so-called Divine Providence concerning the operation of Divine Forces, but we better leave that one out.

At this point comes a relatively new concept, that of the motif that follows the man shortly before he appears in his life for his daily struggle. In this perspective, the man begins as a spark of a range of properties that is not a measure of quality but a way of acting in the future.

Let’s take a simple example. The most straightforward pattern [we could call it the ‘life plan’] that is available to anyone interested, is the one that has two milestones and a process. The benchmarks are birth and death, and the process is life. This pattern is widespread, and many are those who choose it. However, it can become more prosperous and include other milestones and, of course, other more predestination processes.

All these packages are NOT characterized by deterministic situations. Everything works at the state of possibilities, and in general, there is a certain amount of fluidity that describes it. But there is a choice at the stage before the beginning. The divine cell that decided to come down (or was forced to incarnate) comes from an area of creation with its peculiarities. It is, therefore, natural to attract a corresponding pattern in the process of selection.

Here’s where the Moirae join in. They are the ones who read the choice and prepare the suitcases. And the fracking bitches make mistakes. You’re a Manchester United fan, and they give you a green sweater, making you wonder if they believe you are a frog.

But you are the one who chose the pattern. That’s why some things do not fit you while they are perfect for your brother. That’s why you see the various milestones with a different look, and you experience the processes differently.

Someone might ask, “so what?”

There is no question, there is an underlying condition characterized by a sense of happiness. Are you on your motif? You feel inner satisfaction. You are not? Everything is going to hell.

Our big problem is to figure out which pattern we have chosen. We usually screw it up. We are like athletes in training. They are exercising hard to become, for example, good skiers. And when the time comes, they take the bag with their equipment and climb up the mountain. Then, after enjoying the scenery for a while, they open the bag to wear the gloves, the suit, and the ski boots. And the suitcase has inside swimsuits and flippers! Can you imagine sliding down the slopes wearing fins?

What we need to do, therefore, is to look at our suitcase from the very beginning. And if we do not know how, we better learn. The process of this knowledge is self-awareness to know one’s self. But not with an approach determined by external factors. No! The real elements of our personality are the ones that will lead us in the right decisions and not the fake or additional ones that so many others have loaded on us.

The suitcase will reveal to us a lot of details from the pattern we chose, and if we are not in the unfortunate group that the three old bitches – in private I speak very highly of them- made a deliberate frack up, the thread they are offering is corresponding to the earthly course of our motif.

It has nothing to do with karma and past lives, it has nothing predetermined. In the finale, we chose this road so, boo bloody hoo!

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