Love without a cost? Love will save the day… Really?

If it doesn’t cost THEM a bit, fine by me. But if they plan to send us the bill, God help them all! The truth, however, is that it is a very catchy quote. And I wouldn’t mind hearing it or having them apply it if there wasn’t a whole misinformation industry behind it.

But first things first. The main concern is always the “after” because whatever any group claims – and these days those groups grow like mushrooms-, nothing actually happens in our reality. Even all these “philosophical” groups with what they present as their goal, they don’t refer to “now” and “here” except perhaps from a small part aiming to form a fairer social framework. And if they claim anything different, just look into it. What they talk about belongs to the realm of the unreal. Because “knowing yourself,” for which they all rend their garments, has another purpose.

And to be even more precise, our reality is not determined by three dimensions, and time is not the fourth dimension just because some people want us to be beings of the fourth dimension at all costs. This, in my opinion, is aiming to open the door of a 5thdimension and have us look for our evolution there. And what could the 5thdimension be? Nothing more than a pun.

So they have us going up and down in the scale of dimensions as if we were elevators. And unfortunately, we insist on forgetting the rules of common sense. My personal evaluation is that there is no term more unsuccessful than that of the5th dimension. You might ask, who cares? Obviously, no one. It is a shame, though, because some of those who use the term have something to say, and they lose it in insignificant details. Anyway, we’ll talk about this some other time.

The one who placed our reality correctly is Carl Jung, who said that mankind must understand that the universe is not characterized by the three dimensions of space and time, but three other notions that are space, time and causality. Now, I can’t swear its precisely what he said, I was not present, but it sounds pretty accurate to me.

And the “beyond” is not yet another term that will be added to the equation, but just another approach to the notions of space, time, and causality.

For me – and just for me – it’s all about conscience or consciousness – personally, I can’t clearly distinguish these terms.

So we are talking about conscience. And to understand what the frak it means, let’s start from the moment the human being is an infant. Is he conscious? Probably not. What happens then to him, and how does the human end up being a conscious creature? (This last part is a figure of speech, not precisely valid 100%).

I looked into this subject and ended up considering that a correct approach to the problem is the scale of knowledge I found in an old document. And here is what it was written: Man acquires the know-how and the skills. How he does that is self-evident. Their combination offers him to experience. Experience on many subjects or more correctly from many ”individual experiences” from different themes, when combined, give him knowledge. Finally, knowledge, through an inward process, becomes conscious. That is to say, consciousness ends up being an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of a subject or a process.

And just when you think you are on the right track, the «officials» come and talk about conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. What have all these to do with knowledge, and who is the one who acquires this kind of immense experience?

First of all, let’s say that this one has three levels of consciousness – always according to the experts, the conscious level, as well as the others we just mentioned in the previous paragraph. The subconscious deals with all the feelings of a man and the unconscious have control of all his bodily functions.

For the subconscious, the Encyclopedia states – without stating – that: It is closely linked to the personality of the subject (memory, emotion, complete physical and mental life). The manifestations of the subconscious are sometimes more confident than those of the conscious because they are always present in everyday life (dreams, memories). It can create pathological conditions and exert a severe influence on human behavior. This can cause mischief, hysteria, ribbing, etc.

At this point is where you go crazy. The functions of the two “inferior” levels, the psychic and the material, are an essential prerequisite for life. So, where can their unconscious function be? Breathing is a senseless act, or is it entirely conscious of the human body?

The truth is that I do play a bit with words, but I mean well. The body’s function is a delicate process, and most of all, flawless. The same is the function of the soul. The concepts of subconscious and unconscious intervention have to do with our mental function. For our mental functioning, the processes of the soul and body are not entirely clear. And of course, the deeper these functions are in existence, the less perceptible are for the governor of our logic.

And what do the gurus of self-knowledge ask us to do? To stop our mind and feel our soul or our body! And we lay on the armchair – or on the grass, the difference is of little importance – and like Archimedes, we shout “Eureka!”

Nope, we didn’t “Eureka” anything. The only thing “Self” can do is to use his conscious state and with it as his primary assistant to try to get into the levels that follow. Do you know how this is called? EXPANSION of consciousness! Our conscious state steals functions from the subconscious and thus gains direct control over them. If he can do the same for some unconscious matters, then everything seems to be possible. But in this case, it is not his conscious state that descends into the well of unconscious processes. The Self, in that case, wears two expansion uniforms – one above the other – and goes lower. It feels some things; basically, it feels the action of the subconscious in the unconscious, and it does what it knows. It creates images to understand. The descent thus in the space of its breath is the noble descent into a cave where the winds of change are blowing. But our lungs are not caves.

And things would be somewhat useful if everything stopped at this level. But it’s one thing the intellects’ self and something entirely different the divine spark of our existence.

So I propose we take this first step for now and let’s try to understand what exactly is happening with our functions as intelligent beings and stop swallowing unchewed whatever they serve us. Be careful, many practices are correct but don’t we have to understand first what the hell is actually happening?

If you agree, good luck with the research. If you disagree, good luck when the time comes!

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