Which is the mathematical function of Creation? Are you kidding me!

What is the mathematical function of Creation? Do you really want to know, or are you bringing it up to pass the time? How should I know? I could make assumptions, though, as long as you stick around to listen. So, for those who stuck around, even for fun, the act of creation is the…

I should mention something before, though. The primary consumption of what I want to say is that everything originated from a single one Principle. If that’s enough for you, then what follows will have some kind of meaning. If not, I’m sorry, but I’m not your man. You can believe whatever theory you want, but an appropriate conclusion must come out of your mind and not something prefabricated from others.

In some way, all that we know came out of the same ONE. How? Increasing a number is usually done either by addition or by multiplication. But at that time, nothing else existed; therefore, the addition is excluded, and by all means, I am not trying to follow a sophistry way, I am just trying to be precise. Unfortunately, however, no multiplication could be done either. Subtraction was out of the question, so, the only procedure left was the division.

And that’s what happened. Creation is a multiplication act through DIVISION. It does not matter if, by this division, the result was two inner terms, they are from now on two terms existing inside the One. One was multiplied because it was divided. There is no more precise way to say it.

I am not in a position to explain how this act of multiplying division was evolved on the material level. It was somehow enough to create minimal elements of Creation. Those, afterward, began to build up the celestial bodies and so on, until they reached what we acknowledge today as Cosmos.

Now, if this act is, by my Buddhist friends, the breathing or exhalation of Brahma, I don’t have the slightest objection. A universe that, at some point after reaching a specific limit, will start shrinking again, is something that does not sound wrong to me either. Not that I have looked into it deeply, but I keep from this concept the downward movement to the many, and then the return to the one.

For those now who, like me, believe that along with the physical creation, something similar occurred to the Spirit, there are some interesting conclusions to be drawn. I shall add something as a clarification. I am not referring to the spirituality of a man, that is, what many call Spirit, nor to his Soul. These are different functions. I am talking about what is commonly known as the divine spark, and that is what characterizes the idea of Human.

This minimal fragment of divinity (well-read, Divine, not Deity), is the atom or individual (the one that can’t be divided, according to the ancient Greek concept of the term) of the expression of the ONE that humanizes existence. This guides the human existence on the road to completion, this makes him human, and life matters only when this spark is doing its work.

Beware, I am referring to the importance of life and not to the pleasure of living. Enjoying life is an independent act to the accomplishment of its purpose.

Its time for the mathematics of the matter. Thus, ONE became Two, and the path to multiplying division begun. Everything was happening in more internal sets. At what point did that stop, no one can tell except maybe my esoteric friends, who claim that this happened seven times. The truth is that at some point and afterward, it was possible for other mathematical functions to occur since the plethora of elements allowed both addition and subtraction if one of the elements returned to its source and was united with it.

Now, if the gradations of divine consciousness in the lowest level of this folding are seven or more, I can assure you we can sit here and ask yourselves forever. Why are there seven? How many do you want them to be? Let them be eight. Why eight? How many do you want them to be?

One almost certain thing is that they are levels of divinity’s consciousness and that in them, there is a tremendous dynamism that can be displayed in an infinite number of embodied beings. It’s like the sun that can light dust particles and make them visible. Every dust molecule, in our case, is also a human being. And behind it is a sun, a ray as the Theosophists or Families as they are called, like to say. I agree. We come from a beam, not necessarily from the same one, although the differences between these various co-planetary dynamics are difficult to distinguish.

I will adopt a simple approach out of all these, only to refer to the pre-life existence of this spark as well as to its post-mortem course. For me, and just for me, this ray is never separated from its source regardless of whether the space-time of our life acquires a relative individuality.

Some time, during pregnancy, it inhabits the physical body. This is the act of incarnation. And starts the process of winning something which I am not going to explain further in this article. So as the human being grows, this spark communicates with its environment through the shells that it has embodied, and at some point, it may be able to recognize another spark of the same family.

That is when the fairy tale begins. He found his soul mate! As Malvina (an amazing greek journalist) would say: “Which soul mate are you talking about my silly ones?” It merely recognized another spark vibrating in the same spiritual frequency, that of its origin.

And now comes the hard part. Why doesn’t it return back where it came from after death? By definition, the division has hit bottom, so the only way to follow is the road to composition. The division ceases, and the addition begins.

Two things will happen. Either the spark has accomplished its goal and goes back with a trophy – we will talk about that some other time – or it returns without carrying anything (most of the time). But when it goes back, it doesn’t have the relative individuality anymore, so it returns to the collectivity that characterized the ray/family of its origin’s consciousness.

In other words, there, we are not independent units but collective units. This means that the Higher Self theory does not mark societies (?) of individuals but the existence of collectivities.

If I confused you, it means I got what I was aiming for; if not, enjoy yourselves in whatever you have planned for today.

PS. Now, for those who have managed to build the tunnel for the afterlife and when the time comes to take the uphill road to exit, don’t expect to see your dad or mom, or your distant uncle, neither, of course, an angel or a devil. What awaits you, at best, is a delegation of the collectivity to which you belong.

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