Closed set and other mathematical… whatever!

Where is that applied? 

Let’s take it from scratch, even if it takes longer. This article will be read anyway by a few, since literally it is addressed to a closed set which, however, has an open mind, as far as the mathematical meaning of the term is concerned.

In mathematics – as I have mentioned in the past – a set is symbolized by a circle with a couple of letters inside. This circle is a closed set. Next to it is another circle with different letters. These two circles must be intersected so that they have a shared space. [Whoever wants to know more, there are plenty of informative school books.]

So imagine this enclosed set like a block of flats, a huge one, one like those found in Dubai, without any exterior windows, nor external doors. Its inhabitants are those born in it. They can go up and down, but they do not know what exists outside of the building. Whether this building is in Africa or Europe, is a piece of information they will never be able to acquire.

After a while, the residents inside this massive block of flats, begin to wonder about the architect who built it. There are two kinds of conclusions, fantastic and real. The real ones are based on the relationship between the creator and his creation. An example of such an outcome is that since they use the stairs to go up and down, the architect must certainly know the concept of motion. Now a fantastic conclusion is that since the architect has built their space, he could have constructed another similar one. Possible but not verifiable.

Their most important conclusion is that creations can only express the qualities or thoughts of their creator. NOT all properties, but some. The same for the ideas. They can not know, for example, if the architect is also an outstanding musician.

I will stop with the childish examples now, although they are quite delightful, SO the creation, yes you read well, the CREATION, the whole universe, is a closed set. Whatever people say, whatever they are imagining, it is an internal affair. The creation is our apartment building. The Divine is what conceived it and put it into practice, not God. All the theories about how and why he made it (I am referring to the Divine) are arbitrary. Only by studying its function, we can understand its design, as well as all those ‘why’s’ that are troubling us.

Every human being has as a natural educator, the creation. It is enough to watch and study this mute educator, to become the most prominent teacher ever acquired by the man. (This is a small excerpt from an Initiatory script).

If we have discovered now, by combining some things, other sub-functions, even they are part of the overall game, I’m not at all sure though that they have anything to do with its purpose. We do not live to breathe, but we breathe to live and through life to go on.

It is we who determine which of our actions go hand in hand with the creation and which do not. It is not the devil defining the evil deeds, nor God that sets the good. If we accept such solutions, we appoint in the building two masters serving the same architect. And this is a mental scheme to understand the function of creation and not a reality.

Matrix and all related subjects are our own inventions to understand the way the closed set of Creation works and by no means NOT to overcome it. This can be accomplished neither by God nor by the devil and certainly not from any of their children.

So within this set, we find other subsets, closed or open, operating on their own terms, which, however, can only be terms that belong in a general way in the first set.

Humanity is one such set. Beware, I am not referring to earthy mankind – this is a subset since it contains the element of locality – but to the overall humanity. Where there are living beings bearing the general characteristics of the human being, they belong to this closed set. And the hard thing is to be able to define those features.

If one possibility, though, is a characteristic of such a set, we do not have the right to remove attributes from it to explain our own fictional ideas. When a person dies, for instance, and we accept that he goes either to paradise or on some other level, this must apply to all the elements of the set that he belongs to, that is, to all elements of the universal humanity. That means that in your paradise, you will see, two-headed, three-legged, many-eyes figures and plenty of other morpheme peculiarities that have developed due to the origin of these beings. Unless you believe that paradise was made only for people who originate from Earth. If this is your belief, I advise you to go out in the dark at night and look at the sky, if you insist believing that, go visit a doctor, preferably a psychiatrist.

However, while the universal humanity is a closed set, the individual person is a total, which at least as a form is open. We are symbiotic beings which means that our cells are constantly changing, dying, and being replaced, without altering the general idea of their coexistence.

Man is merely a being, an independent unit I would add, and I don’t feel like explaining any further.

The resulting question is: are there non-independent units? Yes, there are the collective units, and in the nature that surrounds us, they are hardly recognizable. They are referred to as entities, they are collective, and a good example are the bees or the ants. The most remarkable thing is that they have a collective memory, and this is reflected in the ability to share the information they acquire with other elements of their set from a distance as if they are a creature whose cells can move independently.

To have some fun, such collective entities are the football teams. All of their members have the same view that magically distributes at the same moment. A penalty against their team is for every fan a wrong interpretation of the referee.

Allow me to refer now to another category of collective entities, the angels, either red or white. My angelic oriented friends have to study a little more this set so they can finally get something out of it. Indeed, they are not beings but entities. That means that they interact with each other; it is also sure that they have no bodies at least as we consider them, and many other features that I will not mention here, not because I lack the space but because of the ignorance in many details that many of my friends claim to know. Anyway, we must take for granted that they are sets of creation, and we are left to understand the purpose of their existence.

[My personal views, given through a fiction novel, are unfolded in my book The Brotherhood of the first Gate – not yet translated].

 But what we must actually understand is the function of the human being and the relation of humanity’s global enclosed set with the course of creation.

Then and only then, we will understand why we exist and where we are heading because it is inevitable that there is a reason we live as well as a goal to be reached.

The answers are in the observation of the World. Nothing is heard outside of our block of flats, and if someone asks us to be quiet to let them listen to the external voices and transmit them to us, they other mock us for their personal profit, or they actually hear the noise… from their loose screws.

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