Paradise or Hell? What do I care about?

I started writing about these rather strange topics and really don’t see how I will manage to avoid comments from my various friends who are either angelically oriented or worship the ancient religions. I am not even talking about my other friends, the scientists. The most challenging team, however, is Facebook readers. If you dare to ask them something, a quote from a Korean philosopher, unknown even to his own mother (the Greek says), comes right back in your face. Come on, if you are going to use quotes, why not use at least the popular ones that everyone knows? Our ancestors have one for every need!

I tried to overcome the most severe category, the “love” lovers. Love forgives everything, love understands everything and many more quotes that, truth be told match great with so many love songs. I know that some of my internet friends are going to delete me from their friend’s list, but there’s nothing I can do. I just want to clarify that the virtue of Love is something different [with all that such an approach is hidden] than the feeling of love, and we should not confuse these two meanings. Now, if someone in the name of love wants to slap you, just DO NOT accept it.

Now let’s get down to it. I will start somewhat unorthodox by asking a few questions and drawing some conclusions from them. A contradiction is always welcomed and necessary.

The good God, sometime after he finished with the Creation, created the man. No objection. We seek the symbolism in that thesis rather than the absolute explanation of such a statement. He placed the protoplasts in Paradise along with so many other beings and goodies. To wit? Well, according to the holy scripts, paradise consisted of all the plants and animals. There were also angels, as well as demons, and that last info is known from Eve, who had a meeting with such a being. So paradise included everything, and everything was living in harmony under the higher guidance of the deity who, in its own way, controlled the events.

No one was talking about Hell so far. The creatures of Hell – when and if they ever appeared – were also in Heaven or otherwise in the Garden of Eden.

First conclusion: Paradise and Hell in the first phase of creation shared the same space, the Garden of Eden.

Those who afterward spoke about hell and described it, do not refer in the way it was created, but only in the way it was structured. No words of animals, except for Kerveros and some creatures devised by the filmmakers of our times. And of course in Hell, there were no plants. If they could justify it, they wouldn’t put even minerals, but for our minds, a solid matter is a prerequisite for the existence of space, even if it is at the very edge of nowhere.

So what did really happen to through the protoplasts out of Paradise? The snake made its appearance. I will risk a relatively spontaneous interpretation. The helical movement of the snake resembles that of the DNA strand. Besides, the first brain of the human is called by scientists, the reptilian-brain. Were the protoplasts, when forced to change their level of operation, in need of such a brain, and maybe the whole apple thing suggests precisely this process? Did the transfer from the level of Ideas to that of the expressed creation require a process that its first step was the creation of the brain concept?

And let’s accept that they went down (?). Where the frak did they find the animals and the plants?

It is said in Genesis that God, having created Adam, asked of him to name everything. The protoplast thus gives individuality and existence to everything that existed as an idea in the garden of Eden. And what does he do after he completes that procedure? He is dressed in flesh and descends.

Hypothetical scenario: Protoplasts, co-decide with God the continuation of creation. To complete this, it is necessary firstly to acquire DNA [responsible for this was the devil himself, or however you want to name him] and of course, someone else is required who will show them around [this is the good angel or again however you want to call him].

So they leave from the Garden of Eden [Paradise / Hell], and step by step, they create a new state of being in which they dominate like a “Mind.”

And at some point in time, on a small planet, on the edge of nowhere, people appear. They probably appeared elsewhere as well, but let’s stick to our story. The “fall,” as well as the process of their incarnation, has left them with nothing more than some vague memory. And to maintain their mental balance, they begin to make various stories. Every nation has its own. In these stories through time, several additions from the occasional despots have been included, so the final story resembles a… hmm, let’s not go there.

The purpose of creation is the unification with God. Which means to go back? Where? In the Garden of Eden? But isn’t that where we left? No… (I will try to say this with a straight face) we departed from the part of hell and we will go back to the part of Paradise. And now for the most crucial part of this tale. Such a return presupposes that we must reform to animals and in order not to be misunderstood – that I will be anyway- beings with no sense. Is that our goal? Was our agreement with God to start from there and try to find him at the next level of creation?

For only one thing, I’m sure. God is not found in words. Nor in tying our legs around our necks in various positions. God is not found in repeating a word until it makes no sense nor by saying “Amen” every time someone calls “Glory to God.” If God was to be found on the way back, he should not let us leave in the first place. We did not leave to go back. Such unnecessary procedures are not foreseen in creation, we moved to go elsewhere.

Where? I do not know. I can only speculate on a personal level. And I guess that the journey is about a journey of consciousness. We started from the unconscious and headed to the superconscious. If someone knows more, he better let us know because my dear friends, one thing is for sure, something much more is needed than our simple daily routine actions.

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