Panos Sakelis, author

Passport vs. Identity Card

This short post of mine is a thought I want to share with my Christian friends. Another title is the path of Golgotha ​​through my own eyes. The text is deliberately out of date. I respect the religious beliefs of the entire world, and I do not intend to intrigue anyone. I respect even those who do not have, or think they do not have religious beliefs.

I start with the title. Passport versus ID Card.

First, let’s look at the passport. Everything was clear as far as the name and the situation are concerned. It was written in broad letters JESUS, the son of God. And that’s where everything ends. If you are the son of God and without other siblings, nothing is worth the trouble. Everything is easy. Even if you break the car, the good and rich dad will buy you another. Leave humanity at its destiny! You don’t like the one on earth? Just choose another and no harm, no foul. Anyway, at the customs, when they ask for your passport and they see what is written on, they will jump from joy.

But no one is playing with the Identity Card. Your neighbourhood police officer asks for your ID. And on that, is clearly written, EMMANUEL, from Nazareth, born in Bethlehem. End of story. If you are from somewhere close by, you just say: My neighbour is the most talented kid!

But these are the fine words, although in my humble opinion they hide a frightening truth.

This man did NOT travel from the Courts to Golgotha, showing his passport, but his IDENTITY CARD.

It was Emmanuel who was wrongly accused. It was Emmanuel who was insulted, imprisoned, nailed to the cross. And this, in the unbearable lightness of our existence, we seem to forget. We stay in the Resurrection from the Dead, and we light Roman candles for the achievement. Since he was resurrected, nothing scares us off. Once he has succeeded, we can do it too. Crosses are no longer fashionable, thank the Lord, so even if we have some difficulties, that is all. Isn’t it enough that we can’t go to a coffee shop or get our hair fixed? We consider the Covid to be our Golgotha, and therefore we have the Resurrection in our pocket.

Like hell we are or as a dear friend wrote, The lights are on but no one is at home.

Emmanuel took Golgotha’s path with his identity, got crucified with his identity, suffered with his identity. He became Jesus after the Resurrection, not before. Emmanuel died, and Jesus was resurrected. As Jesus, he began his next journey. And at the end of this road is where he will show his passport. There, he will be judged and if it is proved that everything was well done, he will pass the gate to continue. And the name of the gate is Ascension. This is the reason for the Resurrection, the possibility of the path to the Ascension.

And whether or not we like it, the gate guards are not interested in the subtitle. Your passport will only write your name and next to it the Son or Daughter of God. The name matters. The subtitle is just two squares that the guard simple looks on the paper, although in reality it is just one that states: Child of God.

And if Emmanuel followed this path to Golgotha, he did for no other reason than to let us know that the Resurrection is an overestimated act. We will all be resurrected. Whoever dies is resurrected. So what is all the fuss? Why do we celebrate instead of being embarrassed?

Emmanuel did it. Will you and I succeed? Will we at least be able to prove that we tried?

My wish, since the Passage or Easter (Pesach according to the Hebrew interpretation of the word) has passed, is one and only one: Good luck to all of us!

And one more thing, this wonderful man became Christ after the Ascension. Don’t forget that all the above are my views, so you can simply not take them under consideration.

Good luck on whatever you do.