Are we regular people? I am not joking man, are we genuine earth’s children?

You cannot imagine the damage that some films currently in cinemas and TV screens can do! Zombies, sub-humans, the man from Sirius – the planet Sirius not the country Syria- they all come and go to Gaia, commonly known as Earth, with spaceships and other spectacular means of transportation, and so far, fortunately, all they to do is look for a place to park.

And we, the natives of this small planet, enjoy every night the view of a space lighten with stars, whispering: OMG, what miracles you can create when you are in the right mood!

And so with no reason and without no possibility of logical support -let me honor at least here the title of the eccentric writer-, I will paint you another image. Friendly reminder: Everything I write is entirely arbitrary and don’t have a small print or secret messages between the lines.

The good God, sometime in the furthest past, took water and soil and made a first-class mud. With this mud, he made Adam. He liked what he saw and said: “Wouldn’t it be cool, now that I mastered the art, to create something more? And he created Eve. An improved model since it came second. I personally believe they were made the other way around since Eves’ of this world have the first say as if they were the firstborn kids, anyway pick your preferred option, it’s of little importance to my story.

Although he kept looking at his creations, they did not move an inch, so he got tired and started huffing and puffing, and then out of the blue, they started moving. He then got them by their hand and… you all know how the story goes, which one might say is more of a fairytale.

What really happened is that at some point in the creation of this first earth’s raw material developed some kind of microorganisms that were characterized by a form of self-reliance.

I am only telling you what I have read.

This form of life evolved after a long time to living organisms and, later on, to the human being. But in the human brain lies an irregularity. There is an evolutionary jump that has not yet been decrypted. Scientists talk about three brain structures. The descriptive names of these three brains, from the evolutionary oldest to the youngest, are The Brain of the Reptiles, The Mammal Paleo Brain, and The Neo-Brain of the Mammals. The jump seems to have been made from reptiles step to that of mammals.

Let’s stick to this general information and put the icing on our cake. Is there a chance, the good god, when he went huffing and puffing in front of the mold of the reptilian brain that he blew on top the new brain…what if?

Could this thing that came from far away and landed on the heads of Gaia’s natives is what some people call the human soul? Is there a chance this souls’ game has something to do with the exceeding of creation? And could it has as its origin a different state of what we call divine consciousness and does not primarily participate in the evolution of the universe but uses it as a vehicle for its own purpose?

Are we ultimately the aliens who are looking somewhere to park and not the natives of this land?

Is death the door to somewhere else? Do we eventually lose the essence of life while waiting for the revelation in a place built for dinosaurs and not for humans?

Is the ability to conceive the truth possible only if a man retires in those parts of his being that unite him with his mental origin and is initiation the necessary process?

Was our original goal to occupy the human bodies to taste the tranquility of Eden’s landscape?

Did we fuck the whole process?

PS. Something to learn: The Brain of the Reptiles, or the “Herceptin Brain” or the R-complex that exists in man, is the most apparent residue from our reptilian genetic heritage. According to scientists, it is the central nucleus of the whole nervous system, and its name refers to its origin from reptiles (R-complex = Reptilcomplex = Reptile Complex) and comes from the reptile that is the mammal ancestor. It is calculated to have lived 200 to 240 million years ago.

The Herpetic Brain exists and is almost similar to all species of animals, birds, and reptiles living on earth today. Its functions are simple and are related solely to survival: Hunger, sex, fear, “fight-avoidance” reaction, defense of our staff, safe, temperature control. The structures that make it up are very similar whether we examine it in humans or in a current reptile, such as the crocodile. There is, however, the difference that in the reptiles, the brain is almost the whole of their brain, whereas in humans is only one of the three brains we have in our heads.

The human reptile brain controls the muscles, balance and autonomic functions, such as breathing or heartbeat, and is active even when we sleep deeply and seem to be related to the “production” of dreams.

Based on its programming, it is rigid, obsessive, compulsive, ritualistic, and paranoid, full of “ancestral memories,” and always keeps the same behaviors without ever learning from his previous mistakes. It is programmed to control the oldest evolutionary actions of man, which are analogous to those we can observe in today’s reptiles, such as snakes or lizards.

Six essential and vital human behaviors are caused and controlled by the reptilian brain:

•      the various compulsions,

•      personal everyday ritual habits,

•      the almost servile adaptation to the “old way of doing things.”

•      memorial and reminder rituals,

•      Obedience to the hierarchy and to every establishment, such as legal, religious, cultural.

•      Racism, fear, physical or psychological violence, violent sex, all are manifestations due to a highly activated reptilian brain.

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