Light at the end of the tunnel? The only tunnel that has a light at the end is that of the subway!

“Light at the end of the tunnel?” That’s what the quote states, and that works fine for me since I found the opportunity I was looking for to tell my story.

Ok, I’ll sum up. The tunnels have two ends. You enter from one, you exit from the other. Unless the tunnel is not finished. In that case, you get in, but you have to go back to get out.

Have in mind, though, that the tunnels we are referring to are a bit labyrinthine, so the light that can be seen is not always that of the exit. Also, when we usually talk about life, we speak about doors. “Life has two doors. I opened the first and went in, and until the sunset, I went out of the other!” (famous Greek song).

How about birth? As far as I know, that is a tunnel too. I do not know if the entrance to life is the entrance of the tunnel, but where a man comes out, let’s say the first door is for sure considered a tube. And he certainly comes to light, relative light but light.

The same goes for the other door, that of death. It gets us somewhere, it has to! Does it?! There are so many descriptions regarding this that although we have to accept, we should not take them literally. In any case, they note the existence of a pattern.

A small detour on the subject that will help us in the future: A teacher asks a student a question on the days’ lesson. He answers to him in all honesty: “Sir, I did not study, but Jim told me he did. Ask him and give me the grade.” What would you do in that case? I personally would give him an F and send him back to study for the next semester. End of the detour.

So at some point comes the moment when the man goes through the door of the exit, and since it is a door, it must have something behind it. There have been said so many things about that, let’s stick to the basics. A pier, a gondola-style boat, a boatman, and a river. Destination? In my opinion, where everything becomes raw material, the rest are fairy tales, about paradise, and hell, that you shouldn’t take in much consideration. For those who share a different opinion, wasn’t the devil who misled Eve, a resident of heaven? Or was he living next doors and was nearly visiting?

Anyhow, while trying to find another solution, you see somewhere on the right of the pier, something like a tunnel. It seems prominent, so you follow it. But, as expected, the tube ends very quickly. Why? Because these types of tunnels must be built while the man is alive. 

Jim, or whatever he is called, has managed to build his own tunnel with an EXIT. But that tunnel is strictly personal, and if you ask to use it, you risk looking like a fool. No angel, devil, saint, relative, friend, or God will help you.

Jim and others like him were giving you instructions on how to build it, but the responsibility of that project is exclusively yours.  

Unfortunately, there is no way out of that tunnel, and of course, sooner or later, you will realize this, and you will be forced to take the road to the river, that is, the path of OBLIVION. Now, if you do not have the slightest mood to dig, then just enjoy life. 

Do not forget, though, that digging the continuity tunnel, alongside our other activities, is the MAIN reason we came to life. So did we just start from somewhere, went through the first tunnel, opened the first door, and then opened the second only to board on the gondola with the boatman? The choice is a personal matter for everyone. My suggestion is to build the tunnels’ exit, and I have something to add before I finish this article.

This process is something that affects the person and his effort only when he is alive. Those who speak of last-minute repentance, the remission of sins, the angel that will take you by hand, and while you are in the tunnel, will help you open the exit door, are bullshitting you, and try to calm you to take advantage of you. You see, there have been two powerful unions in mankind who are exploiting us shamelessly. The first is the Politicians Union that does not let us live, and the second is the Priesthood union that does not allow us to continue our course according to the rules of creation.

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