The man with the cash, primary resident at the penthouse, cannot remember my name!

I was doing fine, minding my own business, the mirror was reflecting the image of a satisfied personality, and then Harry showed up!

“I brought you the program I was telling you about.”

“Which one?” I asked him, puzzled.

“The one that turns your computer into a planetarium. Sit down, I will install it for you!”

Two hours later, all my astronomical knowledge was back, and I found myself more informed than ever, but what about my metaphysics status? At the bottom! If you try to go further down, your dead! The closest dot in the sky, four light-years away. Their amount? Oh, to hell with it.

I AM! What am I…? I AM grateful that the relative “quote” is written in an old-fashioned way in some church domes, and if I say it out loud, there is a risk of the domes falling on the believer’s heads.

And there was evening, and there was morning, and yes, the good God had created everything according to his will, but I was still lost. Mainly because my personal problem was not my only concern, I also had you to think about because if you found out the truth, you would probably delete me as a “friend” and without friends on the internet, what is life worth? 

I was drugged up by the well of despair, by a teacher who, although I did not know personally, I consider my personal teacher, Dimitrios Semelas. In one of his scripts, he writes: I remind you of two things that you ought not to forget: your majesty and your smallness! You are minimum because you can be annihilated, crashing into the sprouts of the same matter that was animated by the Magic of the Absolute. So, be humble. You are great because you can understand His thought and fulfill them. Be worthy, then.

All this time, staring at the stars, thinking of mankind, I experienced my littleness to my bones. But the primary characteristic of the reality we are living in is the form of the matter. Galaxies have no feelings, and I would say that the intelligence that characterizes them has to do with a determinism unknown to us.

Then how are feelings born -and not only feelings- to humans? What is their origin?

With relative(?) certainty, I would say that they are the characteristics of a secondary creation that needs the fulfillment of the first one to appear – it comes after it chronically – but it is not limited by it. The manifestation of man constitutes an upgrading of the original Creation.

In joining this stage of the general process of Creation, is were human greatness is hidden. Divine power has transferred many of its virtues to man, virtues that act as attributes in his case but which, however, in the spiritual hierarchy of existence make him a second-order creator.

So the man can, wherever he is (in any place of the Cosmic Space), be proud because he is actually the Son or the Daughter of God. The well-known unknowns are not his children, they are servants of Creation, very dear and so far more necessary, but ONLY the children of God can capture his thought and with it as a guide to lead his Creation to its completion. 

Let’s not make, however, the mistake of imagining that God is the man with the money in the penthouse. He has nothing to do with that. Deity is hiding very well behind our inability to conceive the Absolute. In the temporal unfolding of this Absolute – that is in the decision of the Absolute to appear in the Relative but also to be manifested in it -, the only deity which exists as a fragment is that of the human being. From greatness, back to the smallness.

So I Am the God of this world.

I Am the one who represents existence.

I Am the universe.

I Am the grain of sand.

I Am everything and nothing, smallness and greatness!

And whether I want it or not, as a human being, but also as humanity scattered in infinite spaces, I ought to realize his thought. I am not the laborer, I am not the bearer of the truth. I participate in the truth and am part of it.

And when the time comes, beyond this one, and I am asked to identify my personality, I have to know for sure what “I Am” means. As for the beyond, it is not the second floor of the block of flats, nor another dimension. Whatever is connected with the Creation we see has to do with the man’s course to grasp His thoughts. Beyond is the next state of consciousness. Not somewhere in what some say as an astral level, NO WAY! It may be in what some call the Heavenly home.

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