To live or not to live? Of course to live, just don’t forget to ask yourself what kind of life is worth living!

The pun of the title is not at all accidental. It shows that if we want to understand some concepts, we have to look at what they mean.

Before proceeding, I would like to add that the name of a place or a person means a lot. For example, in North America, our well-known Indians called their children Sitting Buffalo, Gray Wolf, Black Cloud, Blooming Cherry -wrong, this is a Japanese name – when somewhere else they were called Menelaus, Antigone, Iphigenia, Antinoos, Lysimachus and others. The bad thing is that the inhabitants of the second area are no longer around to enlighten us regarding the meaning of the names.

And to make the whole thing brighter, I will start with a little story I heard many years ago by Elias Tsatsomiros. If the name does not ring a bell, just “Google” it! (What an odd wise word!)

In the funny question of whether the chicken or the egg came first, he answered as follows: “How do you want to approach the issue? If you want to see what the word “egg” means, then you might even get the answer. ” And he went on. “In the English language, the egg is called “egg.” That doesn’t mean anything! In ancient Greek, however, the egg is called ΟΩΝ [omicron, omega, ne]. If we get the letters one by one, we have: Ni means birth, Omega identifies the infinite space, and Omicron represents the finite. So “ΟΩΝ” means “the birth of the infinite in the finite space.” End of story.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth.” And he did well. How else could he start? But in which language was it written, and what does it mean? Because if we want to explain this quote using Greek thinking, we are using the wrong text. The ancient Greeks said, “Verily at the first Chaos came to be.” What I am trying to say is that if we want to understand the meaning of the various scripts, we should use the appropriate reference because we cannot interpret the text of one language with the concepts of another.

In Genesis, the first word that is written in the original scripts is the word Bereshith (if I write it correctly). Each letter of the word has its own interpretation for the Kabbalistic scholars of the book of Genesis. It is not my purpose to say what it means – I know very little anyway- but one thing is sure: the translator did not follow the script much, except when he wrote that God (one and only) said, “We are… ” (plural and not the plural of nobility).

The above interpretation, states clearly that a misinterpretation of the scriptures has occurred and the joint nature of the deity has been removed. In the case of the word Elohim, which refers to “We are,” they translated a female plural word with a male singular. The “many” became one. The word Elohim is plural formed by the word Alh, Eloh, with the addition of IM. But IM is the ending of the male plural and in this case, added to a female noun that gives us the word “Elohim,” the concept of which describes a female dynamism combined with a male idea that it can create. And all of this would have no value whatsoever if within them did not hide the effort of some to deprive us of the ability to understand the evolutionary course of man. And precisely in that lies my own aim through what I say and write. Let me repeat it once again to make sure that we are not confused: an attempt to UNDERSTAND the evolutionary course.

The Elohim, who created the man according to Genesis, or the gods in The Theogony, or I do not know who else in the other theocratic systems, are powers of creation which, from the result judged, can only have a legitimate character. Commonly speaking, they are laws because only the laws, when applied, have the same effect.

So, my dear friends, call one law from them to help you. Call, for example, Michael – and don’t tell me you didn’t know he was an Elohim– to help you hit your opponent. And with your hand on your heart, tell me why he has to act in such a way? What convinces you that such a law will work one-sidedly? And most importantly: Do you want the law to stop what is doing and rush to assist you? Certainly not, since the red law of creation -yes, I am talking about Archangel Michael- is there to keep our body alive. 

So let’s go back to the beginning. What was there? The One. For most, this means God. Everything began from here. Agreed? Well, again, it is a matter of perspective. If we paint a circle and we call One what is enclosed in it, then what is the name of the surface that we painted the circle upon? It does not have a name, but we have to name it somehow. The surface is “not the one,” otherwise “not-one.” [In the Greek language it is called ΜΗΔΕ-ΕΝ or MΗΔΕΝ, known in the English language as ZERO].

Therefore, we have Greek Zero. On this, we traced the circle. The act of engraving is the “first” Chaos. What about the result of such a creation? The expressed God. And what does he carry? Only virtues. And not many, just two. These virtues will then become qualities in his creations, and the whole procedure from here on goes rather smoothly.

I have mentioned all these in another way in my articles titled “I come from the stars.” So we come from the stars, and if that is of any value, it is not to consider ourselves as aliens and wait for help from our brothers from Sirius – not referring of course to the inhabitants of Syria- but to know the course of human evolution. We do not know for sure where we are going. But is there a chance that if we find out where we came from, it will help us get some idea of our final goal?

Hence, the Self that some are looking for. Made in the likeness of the One and not of the Zero, gifted with the virtues of God, transforms them into properties of its existence to complete the work of creation. So what does this Self carry, and what is the connection with the so-called “Supreme Self”? In the second part of the question, I answer, none!

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