Whoever died, died! Do some speak of a second death? Where is that written and which smart-arse says so?

What I know is that whoever dies is dead. I’m sure about it because the tax collectors stop searching for him. They know better. Anyway, I read something that made me wonder.

I have come across various info in… my studies, but today, I decided to use two excerpts to comment that I will arbitrarily combine to come to some conclusion. The fact that both are from the scriptures is of small importance since I am almost sure that these scriptures are not the original ones. Every little copier monk of the Middle Ages did not copy exactly what he read but intervened to help the coming generations to understand the Divine Words, so instead of Divine, they become words full of personal conclusions.

First Excerpt: Genesis 2:7-17. 7 Then the Lord God formed a man[a] from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

2nd Excerpt: Revelation 20:14 – 15. Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death. 15 Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.

This means that there is a soul that survives and a soul that does not, if, when you die, your name is not found in the book of life, you go straight for a second death.

They advise you to take a minute to think about your life and become a better person! But at some point, at least once you must have sworn or cursed and even if you apologized afterward, who knows what is written next to your name in the book of life. Not to mention who writes them down, what if he cannot spell? Obviously, the second death awaits you. Don’t claim you don’t care about the second death because then you make fun of you every time you cross yourself or whenever you visit the church during Easter and Christmas. Unless you are confident that the good God will forgive us all, so there is no problem – I don’t really believe that though, since, in some passages of the Holy Scriptures, it is clearly written that, e.g., sins against the Holy Spirit are not forgiven. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

Something else is undoubtedly hidden in the small print that one cannot grasp immediately.

Anyway, back to what we were saying, what is the difference of a soul to a living soul? I would merely say, always according to my mind, that it is a divine ray before and after its birth in the world. While it lives, it must put its name down in the book of life, so when it dies, it will not suffer a second and final death. According to the scriptures, a particular check and a screening take place in the interval. Someone checks the book of life and looks for the name of the poor fellow who died. If he finds it, he gives him a passport for continuity. If he doesn’t, he points him to the lake.

However, one thing I’m sure of is that everyone, whether he is an atheist or a theist, of any kind, and to be more precise, whether he is without religion or religious, or whatever else, at some point in his life he has wondered about the meaning of life and the course of human evolution. If any of you are reading this article, has never asked yourself this question or don’t care, then my friend, you are definitely reading the wrong item. You better read some cute writings with the wise words of our politicians… I better not comment on that and have someone erase my name from the book of life! [from Facebook, that is…]

The truth of the matter is that my posts complete each other in a way, what can I say, I have a unilateralism in this area. Maybe due to my age, or because the rulers are doing their best to leave us with no resources for other hobbies and activities… well, the important thing is that I am here.

So, whatever you call the divine spark, something happens that makes the man more than a mass of flesh and emotions. Yes, I shall agree that he does not exist for the infinite cosmos, but at this point, I will agree with Nazim Hikmet who states with audacity: And I am bringing you the news: In India, in the city of Calcutta they stopped on his way a man who was walking, and they chained him. And I don’t bother anymore to lift my head toward the bright skies. If the stars are far, if the earth is small I don’t care at all I don’t mind… I want you to know that I find more astonishing, more powerful, more mysterious, and gigantic; this man stopped on his way and chained.

Be aware, a man is not only chained by the social chains. Those at the end of the day can brake with revolutions. He is also fastened by the spiritual chains that deprive him of the right to write his name in the book of the living.

You might ask, “are you claiming now that the man who has almost zero value for the universe is actually worthy of something?” Yes! The biggest there is, indeed! Where he is – and with the word where I am referring to the infinite dimensions of the universe – he is the only bearer of the individualized expression of the deity. And this makes him a potential god. What we call God, can think of everything, perhaps he can bring everything to existence through internal processes, EXCEPT becoming a personalized unit. He is the WHOLE; he can not become a part. But he understands that, through human nature when it manages to return to its source carrying this information.

The prodigal son of creation is the human being. The firstborn, or better, the firstborns are all kinds of angel-demons. They were left though to guard the home of the divine house while the human being left paradise to experience separatism.

Only one thing can endanger the information of his journey in life: the second death. Then the extinction of existence takes place, then the firstborns win. So, when the time comes, and they call you at the gate of the beyond – hopefully many years later – do not get carried away and say your name is John or Mary Whatever! The key to a safe passage is another word. Do not ask me how I know it, a little bird told me. The Password is I AM, but you should mean it!

The poet shouts: My God, me, and you only exist. (Life). You and I are One (Death). And this one does not exist (return to the absolute one with the knowledge of the previous, having overcome the obstacle of the second death).