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Omnis, An Everlasting Birth

What would you do if you discovered that you are living your 22nd life? For Johannes, death always brought him back to life. By gaining knowledge through flashbacks of previous incarnations and with the help of Dora and Omar, his two companions, he masters his skills to encounter the Dark Lord.An everlasting battle between truth and deception, love and hatred, good and evil is about to begin. Global Suppliers

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Judas is Present

The new theatrical play by Panos Sakelis Synopsis: A ferry boat, its crew, and a strange mission: To drive crazy from the central psychiatric clinic to a marginal, in a remote island. Who are these people, or rather what, are they really looking for? Since when has the perception of another reality been a mental illness? In the world, we live in, who is the traitor, and who is the betrayed? Is the most

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Hello I am alive!

James McCormick, a lone conservative retired civil servant, suffers a severe heart attack, while he is having lunch, on a Saturday afternoon at his stable hangout next to the Thames. His close Facebook association in a cinema group has made him an online friend with Vivi Filiber in France, who will be the only one to look for him when he does not honor their afternoon “dating” on the internet. As he fights for

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