Panos Sakelis - Author
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Rehearsal in the Rain

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After being confronted by two ghostly figures, college-senior Dmitri Alexander has no choice but to direct his college play – Nash’s The Rainmaker. Finding himself tangled up in rehearsals, love triangles and torrential thunderstorms, Dmitri feels he might be juggling too much – and all this when he’s supposed to be dropping out of college and returning home to a landlocked ranch which needs his help. 

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Rehearsal | Sakelis Panos

The Author

Rehearsal | Sakelis Panos


Panos Sakelis

Panos Sakelis, pen name of Panos Sakellariades, is a Greek writer of supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, fantasy and theatrical plays.

From a young age he was drown to literature, history and politics and spent most of his time studying metaphysics and philosophy. His early works consist of poems and theatrical documents while in the most resent years he is dedicated in the writing of fiction novels.

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Rehearsal | Sakelis Panos
Rehearsal | Sakelis Panos

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Rehearsal | Sakelis Panos

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Rehearsal | Sakelis Panos
Rehearsal | Sakelis Panos

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Rehearsal | Sakelis Panos

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