Rehearsal in the Rain, a novel by Panos sakelis

This is a Book Promotion post and concerns the novel REHEARSAL IN THE RAIN by the erratic author, Panos Sakelis


The novel is about a story taking place in a small rural town in America After being confronted by two ghostly figures, college-senior Dmitri Alexander has no choice but to direct his college play – Nash’s The Rainmaker.

Finding himself tangled up in rehearsals, love triangles, and torrential thunderstorms, Dmitri feels he might be juggling too much – and all this when he’s supposed to be dropping out of college and returning home to a landlocked ranch which needs his help.

At the same time, many of Copperville’s well-kept secrets are finding their way to the surface. Unearthed secrets from the spiritual realm help weave and decide the fates of the town locals, not to mention determine their family and love lives. And all of this during Copperville’s centennial celebrations.

Meanwhile, the ghostly creatures are causing trouble left, right and center, stirring up things that might be best left alone.

With so many lives entangled and a fateful accident that changes everything, it will take more than a miracle for Dmitri to succeed in his task.

Can he pull through?

AVAILABILITY: The book is available at Amazon in paperback and at Smashwords as e-pub. It is also available in Greece through Orange Fox Books.

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