You are defined by the lessons that you learned through your own mistakes! You are not defined by the mistakes!

You are defined by the lessons that you learned and not by the mistakes!

Panos Sakellariadis Good morning Catharina. There is a “but” always. You have to understand that you were mistaken. How can this happen? Our mind tries always to give excuses for everything we do.

Catharina Van Leeuwen Good morning to you Panos…yes, I have to agree with you…there always is a but…we first have to surrender to the Truth, we have to face the deepest part in us that is the Shadow!!! We have to evolve beyond the Ego in order to see the whole Picture…it’s an ongoing process…
What is your take on this?

Panos Sakellariadis I fully agree. Life is like a chain with a lot of links. They are good and they are bad. But they are our own links. The chain has some links that belong to the future already created. That is why we have to learn from our mistakes. It is the only way to form new links to the right direction. We can not change the direction violently, but with love and understanding to expand the future links toward the light.


Nancy Seifer I find much love and wisdom in what both of you have written. I think each of us has patterns of mistakes, or aspects of personality (the mask of the persona), that cause ourselves and others pain. There comes a time when that pain is great enough to cause us to explore the underlying patterns through the light of the Soul. With love and understanding we can face the shadow, forgive ourselves and others, and move closer to embodying the Soul’s qualities (of truth, and beauty, and goodness).

Catharina Van Leeuwen Hi Nancy, yes that is so, through frustration and pain caused unknowingly by ourselfs we get driven to unravel the mystery that we are. I am convinced that the only realm where we can find peace is in the Spiritual one yet it is within our psyche that we have to do the preparatory work…in the sub-unconscious layers of ourself. I find it a … misconception that we solve things by sitting just meditating…I believe that is has to be and-and !!!I have no idea what your take is on this Panos, Nancy…perhaps worthwhile to shine some light on?!?

Nancy Seifer Catharina, I’m rushing right now (leaving home for several days) but I think you’ve posed a core question and also suggested the answer: “and-and” or “Both-and.” For me, the simplest explanation lies in the wisdom teachings. Our problems belong to the “separated self”– the persona (body, emotions and mind)that has been programmed (to use Bruce Lipton’s analogy) by lifetimes of experience. Its patterns play out unconsciously as shadow until we recognize them and work them through. But at the same time, when we awaken to the higher Self, the Soul, and make contact with it through meditation (of some kind) — there we find not only momentary peace, but also answers from a higher plane about how to redirect our lives so that we live in growing alignment with our soul’s purpose . In my experience, that is the ultimate source of Peace. It involves a gradual reorientation from living as a human being identified with matter to living as a spiritual being identified with the Soul. There’s no quick fix, obviously. This Path takes lifetimes. But for me this is the essential direction and learning from mistakes (your original statement) is what moves us toward peace-ful and harmonious living. I look forward to what Panos has to say. I’ll catch up very soon.

P.S. Through meditation we also experience the healing love of the Soul. It’s very nature is love and wisdom.

Catharina Van Leeuwen Hello Pano, Nancy, Burt, Niko and alll…to shine more light on our inner household here is a HayHouse presentation with Bruce Lipton & Wayne Dyer in discussion about epi-genetics…it’s very brief but it touches the big discovery (of the 20th. century I believe) that cells are programmable and that we are in charge of our destiny, not our genes/cells:

Now that we are becoming aware of that, what now ?!?…

Panos Sakellariadis We all fully agree. In our little discussion we add small bits of knowledge, for example: Who is taking the decision to change the way our brain behaves? Not the brain becouse sometimes we decide against it. It is the ghost in the machine as Kesler wrote. It is the soul, out higher self.And our higher self is the answer to our existence. We are two parts untill we undestand higher self’s existence and we start all the procedures to become One. But for me this is not what we are asking this moment. I believe but I can not prove that something happened near 1996 and the rules of the game changed. The angelic world is nearer now and is helping us to fullfill our goal. It is like someone allow them to be more helpfull. The human being is not alone in lifes struggle and the most important, they gave us the opportunity to change our DNA, to heal ouselfes and to undestand more easily the Unity of all beings. Those things were known for centuries but only to a small number of humans. Now they are open to all. “Ask and you shall take”. The power that moves humanity to its new destiny is not any king of religion or spiritual group. It is beyond and above. Lets hope that we shall undestand the great change and behave accordingly.
I want to add something. The healing or the change of the DNA is not something that the mind can do. My opinion. It is the Higher Self that is doing that. During meditation we give control to that part of ourselfes and the healing or the upgrading takes place. Our Higher Self is our existence in a higher dimension and it is connected to all powers of that dimension. Our Higher Self KNOWS. And this is the message we must communicate to the whole world. And this is something that must be done soon, becouse in some years from now there is going to be a great change and we must be ready. As I told you in my previous note I can not prove my words but I am sure they are correct.

Nancy Seifer I have only a second now but wanted to say to Panos, I totally agree with everything you’ve written. We are of one mind on this (One Soul). Looking forward to returning and continuing this piivotal discussion soon.

Catharina Van Leeuwen Hello Panos, hallo Nancy, yes I also agree with you Panos (and with you Nancy) on your last note that it is a matter of our Higher Self, understanding with our Heart…it is SURRENDER…which is perhaps the most difficult thing for creatures of the Ratio that we have been for the past millennia. For surrender we need Faith.
It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do the groundwork by means of meditation, or by means of digging into our psyche because that is most necessare, it’s part of the trajectory although we are awere that all solutions lie within the Spiritual Realm!!!
This is such a great discussion because by allowing trains of thought to be put into words we are moving energie !!! We are modelling the future, we are moving energie to shape around our Higher Selfs state of living…lets continue…………

Anna Farrell Wonderful exchange..’evolving’ in response to Catherina’s comment…I love the way in which ‘ideas’ stimulate and evoke a response from somewhere deep inside.Nancy’s comment….
…’It involves a gradual reorientation from living as a human being identified with matter to living as a spiritual being identified with the Soul. There’s no quick fix, obviously. This Path takes lifetimes.’ Meditation seems to me to offer an opportunity for ‘a gradual re-orientation’ to take place. Through meditation the awareness is steadily drawn inward towards the ‘centre’-toward the Soul. The inner and the outer merge as the soul is discovered to be both at the centre and the periphery simultaneously. The mystery of ‘light’ as both particle and wave seems to hint at the capacity for ‘dual living’.The souls is light and love- I guess we are learning how to wield this energy of ‘light’ found in the very heart of matter in order to fuse inner/outer…above/below…

Nikos Ellis Very interests your discuss. Good morning to all.

Catharina Van Leeuwen Hi Niko, kali sou mera episis (a goodmorning to you too) !!!

Panos Sakellariadis It seems that we all agree to the basis of the theme but we have to find the most weak link of the process. For me, the most weak link is the “Mind”. Let me explain why. There are three control stations in the human unit. The first is what we call “animal behavior”. I believe that most of the times, that station is inactive. The second station is “feelings” and in charge there is our sentimental personality. The third station is our “intellectual state” and in charge there is our mind. There is a fight between those two for the leading position. Let say that in charge we allow our heart to take the leading role. After a while our life will be a mess. At that moment, our mind comes forward and says: “Let me be in charge. I will guide you to spiritual life and you don’t have to worry. After all spirituality is my field”. I am absolutely certain that after some time our mind will guide us NOT to spirituality but to a sterile reality where pseudo-science is in charge. The mistake we have made is that we believe our mind when claims that spirituality is his field of action. Spirituality is the field of action of our Higher Self which is our divine control center. We must give ourselves to the control of our Higher Self. And the big problem is “How we can do that?”.

Catharina Van Leeuwen Miraculous Pano, while I was out I was pondering on these problems and now you make a new opening – thank you – to whcih I would like to add the following: to me it seems that we as a Humanity are still predominantly operating from the individual gear, we were conditioned that way for a long time. But in order to evolve we need to be in concord with oneanother…assuming that we are moving up to an eventual Spiritual existance where body and mind will be the servents of our Soul.
The problem right now is that we have to find the courage, the faith, the understanding to surrender to this ‘connecting as human beings beyond the Ego’, it is a connecting between Authentic Selfs…because from Ego there is no connection!!! It is a major paradigm shift and the more of us that will join the better the status quo is goin to be. The critical mass is going to do the real moving.
From that new platform we have to begin our mutual journey…
It’s a massive job but ever so beautiful!!! The solution lies in the joining together at mind level for starters (at this moment in time)…and then to continue…

Anna Farrell Very very interesting Panos and Catherina. As you say Cath it is a massive job but ever so beautiful.
Panos… ‘We must give ourselves to the control of our Higher Self. And the big problem is “How we can do that?” Such a beautiful and profound question. I tend to think of what you call the three control stations in terms as the ‘threefold personality instrument’…mental-emotional-dense physical/etheric. According to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings the soul works through the ‘mechanism of the threefold personality’. It is here that the conscious use of free-will plays a significant role.
Spiritual endeavour suggests the need for integration within the three worlds of human evolution in order to bring about alignment with the soul through the conscious use of ‘free-will’. What used to be a reaction of emotion or manipulation may then be transformed into the outward expression of the QUALITIES of the Soul. These qualities are centeredness, poise, harmlessness, the ability to remain connected and the outward expression of love.
In the East the physical nature is regarded as the outward manifestation of inner subjective energies. There is nothing but energy and it functions through a substance which ‘interpenetrates and actuates all forms. The Wisdom Teachings assert that ‘Matter is energy or spirit in its densest form, and spirit is matter in its most sublimated aspect’. I often wonder at the significance of the ancient injunction ..’man know thyself, and thou shalt know the universe’.
I referred to the dense physical/ etheric- the etheric body is the exact replica of the dense physical (which according to the teachings is considered as an automaton)
The ‘vital body’ or etheric ‘lightbody’… is said to be the next aspect of world substance to be studied by scientists and investigators’. The etheric body of every ‘individual’ is intimately woven into the etheric web of the planet-hence the descent of spiritual energy impacts on the Whole as it flows from the soul, the sun or from a planet.
‘What a piece of work is Man,’ indeed….How bizarre as I type a bat has just flown in thru the open window………gotta go!!
PS read somewhere they are a symbol of re-birth…

Panos Sakellariadis The weak link is still there. You are right about what is happening. The question is how to go on. The Teachers have said almost everything (some of them gave the truth under veil). Catharine said something about the needed critical mass. Maybe this is the answer. I would like to add “ the critical spiritual mass”. A lot of people have to fight again and again to govern their minds and their hearts in order to earn the spirituality needed for the critical mass. Who is the one that is fighting mind and heart? Not mind and not heart. This one has to be something else and this is called Higher Self. Higher Self is an entity from the divine world. Speaking so, your Higher self and mine and the higher selves of all others, are different sides of the same entity, something like sides of the same crystal.
Lets come now to meditation because for me in this process we are entering the divine world. What will happen if during our meditation or while connecting with our higher selves during meditation, we include in the image of our higher self the higher selves of some of our “group”? Not the whole humanity because the higher self is an entity standing between this reality and the next (it belongs to both) and even if it is part of the divinity needs to be more specific. What I believe is that the divine force that is diffused to the one that is meditating, is spread to the others as well. That means multiplication of the process because the “specific” stream is regenerating us more times thus giving added value to the critical spiritual mass.
I tried to forget words from the teachers because as Sri Aurobindo said (anacoluthic to myself) “There are times that the spirit of God is upon the earth. Now is the time for the workers to make real his teachings”. – (At least this is the central idea, I am not good with quotes).

Anna Farrell Hi Panos …re reaching critical mass-it seems to me that this idea reflects an aspect of the spiritual Plan for humanity and is achieved in part through the reception and transmission of spiritual ideas and Teachings which in turn might be viewed as a form of ‘radio-activity’. Through information and communications technology, the collective mind of humanity can be more rapidly synthesised into an invoking agent of the divine. Reaching critical mass seems to me to indicate a collective approach to divinity-through the united power of focused intent. Through our collective emanation we are essentially generating more ‘light’. Dealing with our personal demons is the work of purification and profoundly sacred. It constitutes the Preparatory stage-the burning away of all dross ensures the purity of the ‘instrument’. Meditation seems to me to indicate the flow within the individual stream of consciousness following the current toward the ocean….till eventually the drop merges within the ocean of Consciousness. The quality of our thoughts are generated by an electric current..St Paul seems to hint at this in..’by your thinking , be ye transformed’..I like this following quote….”Reality is all of the inside world – what we call spirit, meaning, purpose, intention – and all of the outside, which is the expression of all those things that are on the inside”. (Peter Young).
ps..You end on a very significant note .’now is the time for the workers to make real his teachings’… which seems to connect with Catherina’s initial comment we learn through doing through application-in the doing perhaps we are being ‘worked on’ simultaneously….
I just came across the following lines that strike me as very appropriate here so am including… ”the spiritualization of the World Wide Web as a tool for integrating the world mind around the highest aspects of human thinking. Concentrated group thinking of this kind generates a field of magnetic tension that is invocative of the Universal Mind and the Ideas that are ready to precipitate from it, and so we can see the potential for revelations of many kinds if all proceeds as it should.” (Lucis Trust.The goal of information)

Panos Sakellariadis Being ΕΝΘΕΟΣ (Believe in God) but ΑΘΡΗΣΚΟΣ (not believe in religions) the only thing I can add is AMEN.

Catharina Van Leeuwen Hi Pano, hi Anna, here briefly a bit more about what I said concerning the ‘critical mass’ and how to proceed from here where all is said, all is understood with the mind and to some extend with the heart and where all Wisdoms and Seers have been recited…and now what???
I believe that in the space where we will not agree on everything – if we would allow this discussion to go on (and I believe that it should go on) – that in that moment that we do not agree there lies the seed to come to something new, something beyond this moment !!!
We have never before in our history stood Soul to Soul yet that is behind all our endeavors…not only to understand with the mind but to have the mind explain what we already long before received through the heart. We have become so ratio-centered that we not even realise that we receive with the heart first !!! We are on automatic pilot what that is concerned.
In ‘disagreeing’ are the new building stones to be found !!!
This doesn’t come from me…there are many experimental pockets within the US where people face one another along these lines. They meditate, the philosophise, they disagree and they CREATE.
In the New Understanding we need ‘us’ together to carve that new path…a souls journey per definition cannot be walked alone!!!
I could visualise a sort of open-ongoing-forum where we turn up with suggestions, with idea and work through them together. Because what is needed is the NEW. We have to become the new co-creators of our time…..From within a group the action has to take place to eventually shape that ‘critical mass’….
These are just my humble ponderings !!! Perhaps something could lead us to a new beginning ?!?

Catharina Van Leeuwen Pano, I so adore the Greek language (I think you know) and with this example that you give ΕΝΘΕΟΣ it shows again how the Greek language is imbued with divinity…we have to do with a meagre ‘enthousiams’ !!!
Thanks for tossing that word, amen !!!

Anna Farrell Inspiring Catherina :)…what u describes sounds to me like ‘living synthesis’………’ Living synthesis suggests the many parts fitting together in such a way that they retain their awareness of individuality and difference within an overarching sense of being part of a greater Whole.’’

Nancy Seifer Greetings to all. I just returned and read all these very thoughtful comments. A lot has already been shared but more could be said and possibly together we could refine our understanding of the key question Panos posed when he said: “We must give ourselves to the control of our Higher Self. And the big problem is “How we can do that?” To me that’s the essence and purpose of the Path of Transformation. The further we go on this path, individually and collectively, the more we help to expand the consciousness of a cricitcal mass of human beings.

The wisdom teachings offer tremendous insight into the process of transformation (in which the Higher Self gains control of the outer persona and uses it as its instrument) and so do other teachings. Catharina, you mentioned an open, ongoing forum where we could work through an understanding of these questions together. I would be open to participating if you would like to set it in motion.

Tony Haas Nancy, Anna, and Catharina: I’m encouraged by words, by the expression of hope – “expanding the consciousness of a critical mass” … I’m hopeful.

Raphael Diaz hi Nancy, welcome home! if you’re wandering up to nyc this coming week, catch this if you can!

Thursday, July 8 Screening of 2012: A Time For Change
“The ultimate crisis we face is a crisis of consciousness.” Daniel Pinchbeck
“2012: Time for Change is a cross between The Corporation and What the Bleep Do We Know!? This visionary doc is a practical teaching tool connecting anthropology, politics, architecture, history, science, metaphysics, art and ecology…” Scott Beibin, Lost Film Fest 2012: Time for Change presents an optimistic alternative to apocalyptic doom and gloom. Directed by Emmy Award nominee João Amorim, the film follows journalist Daniel Pinchbeck, author of the bestselling 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, on a quest for a new paradigm that integrates the archaic wisdom of tribal cultures with the scientific method. As conscious agents of evolution, we can redesign post-industrial society on ecological principles to make a world that works for all. Rather than breakdown and barbarism, 2012 heralds the birth of a regenerative planetary culture where collaboration replaces competition, where exploration of psyche and spirit becomes the new cutting edge, replacing the sterile materialism that has pushed our world to the brink.

Panos Sakellariadis Lets rock my “soul-comrades”, as my dear teacher Maria is calling all whose that in another time or dimension have travelled together.

Anna Farrell Great Idea- Panos-lets rock. Thank you Catherina for preparing the way :)….Thought I’d take up the thread via something Panos mentioned in a previous posting about there still being a ‘missing link’.
I’ve been pondering on the words and wondered whether there is a need now more than ever to cultivate the ‘contemplative mind’. We have mentioned meditation as an approach -I have found reading poetry and being in Nature as valid opportunities also. The contemplative mind suggests the capacity for attention-the ability to observe without judgement and profound receptivity- the key to the inner guidance and voice of the soul. If I might share the following experience without digressing…a few days ago I was in the garden and quite lost in the task of weeding and clearing when quite spontaneously I heard ‘my self’ say ‘let your work become your meditation’. The ‘message vibrates on many levels. The attitude of the ‘observer’ is for me quite a challenge-the awareness quite often gets caught up in/enmeshed in the ‘drama’. Dual living seems to connote the stage wherein the awareness is shuttling back and forth-identifying one moment with the soul and another with the ‘persona’ or mask of the soul. At some stage in the ‘process’ this kind of fluctuation becomes more stable. My feeling is that in the cultivation of the contemplative mind one learns to let go and give over bit by bit to soul. It seems to me that circumstances-events-situations provide the ‘right conditions’ for soul growth-the challenge lies in penetrating beyond the surface of things to the lesson/blessing in ‘disguise’. Identification holds the key as I think Nancy alluded to in an earlier posting.

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