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Trust me, transubstantiation is not a joy ride!

As usual, I am only writing down my thoughts, which of course you are not obligated to follow. By the way, I have never stated that my posts are flawless and right and that is why I consider them to be reflections of my ideas rather than opinions. I have written a lot about the path of Theosis. My conclusion is that man ultimately seeks the transubstantiation of his being, which in other words is his consciousness upgrade. This process is an attempt of the human mind to understand the excess of creation and to propose the path of change.

One soul to go please, with extra chocolate!

So many have already said so much – including me-, about the soul! It brings to mind this Greek game that children play where they put their palms against each other and sing: Where is the ring? Search, search, you will not find it! You will not find the ring you are searching for! Replace the word ring with soul, and you’ll see my point. So in order to conclude the soul issue – and have at least my readers understand my scripts – since everyone uses the term soul according to his will, let’s say a few more things.

All kinds of conspiracies and human stupidity.

The conspiracies and the human stupidity, walking arm to arm, have come to oppress us since at least conspiracies play a serious role in our lives finally. For human stupidity, there is no need to make the slightest hint. Stupidity lives and reigns and is conquering the whole world. But what happens in reality? Let’s start with the second. By the word stupidity, I am not referring to the various failures a person does in his life in his attempt to survive. At the same time, he also does multiple acts of wit. But there is an average that generally

I AM what I AM! What else man?

One would expect all of these emphatic esoteric formations of the New Age to have adapted their teachings to the findings of modern science. One would expect not to talk about love and persistently show the heart or when referring to the origin of the qualities that a man carries as instincts not to place them at the lower part of the spine or in the abdomen. One would have expected to understand the role of brain cells and the individual brain fragments and to try to adapt their words to these truths. One would expect to read or study

Come on all, let’s incarnate! So what?

Come on all, let’s incarnate! So what? Our soul -as written on the heroic chant- never dies! So lets do out best to accomplish its death! Just as you thought you had everything figured out, along comes a “brat” from Norway and turns everything upside down. Now the “brat” I am referring to is a barefoot little girl, Angelina Jordan (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwFloCPXzCs) and if there is a case for a voice to rip the “astral spaces” and be heard by… Mr. Big up above, that voice will surely be a voice like hers. And if He happens to be a bit

What is the meaning of “bad”? At the end, if it was made by… the guy from high above, why is it bad?

I was always sure about something, but I could not explain it. You may ask me, can you explain it now? Well… not sure, but I think what I am about to share could make some sense. So, since God made this world, where the f… was found all the evil that filled it? On the other hand, if someone else created the world, didn’t God make that creator as well? Wait a minute, if Lucifer made the world and Lucifer – the first angel, always according to the scriptures – was made by God (this is undisputed), one thing

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