I come from the stars. How about you?

Many times, we state effortlessly: “I come from the stars and that’s where I feel that my home is!” However, what does that mean? Is it important to know our origin in order to live a more fulfilling life? My personal opinion in such matters is yes. We really need to know the meaning of […]

Μια ψυχή πακέτο για το σπίτι παρακαλώ! Και θα ήθελα να έχει μπόλικη σοκολάτα.

Αν δεν έχουν πει -και όχι μόνο οι άλλοι αλλά κι εγώ-, τόσα και τόσα για την ψυχή! Το κακό όμως είναι πως το συγκεκριμένο θέμα θυμίζει το παιδικό παιχνίδι με το δαχτυλίδι. Τα παιδιά βάζουν τις παλάμες τους αντικριστά και τραγουδάνε: Που ‘ντο, που ‘ντο το δαχτυλίδι; Ψάξε, ψάξε δεν θα το βρεις! Δεν […]

The dimensions, the mathematicians and the esoterism teachers! God help us all!

And just as you were about to understand five things, the scientists through the mathematicians seem to agree (at least for the time being) for one thing and one thing only with the “esoterism teachers” (god help them with this title they claim). “There are at least ten dimensions,” the mathematicians claim and begin to […]

The problem of Rebirth or just another theory next to that of Reincarnation?

Are you sure you chose the right word? Do you mean “Reincarnation” or “Metempsychosis”? Is it “Incarnation” or something else? I’m asking you because I believe it’s all a big mess and I have no idea who and when mixed them all up in this super tight knot. I am not suggesting that behind this mess […]

Angels, demons, humans. The three disasters of the universe.

 Angels, demons, humans. Are they really the three disasters of the universe? These days I decided to write a post that is seasonal. It is certain, however, that the very title I chose is unfair to two of the three beings mentioned, and as you might have guessed already the ones that I didn’t do […]